Friday, April 3, 2015

Marathon Training Week 13: Things Fall Apart

This week, I started a new job...and started 5:30 AM wakeup calls so that I can be in the office by 6:45-7 so that I can leave around 3. I started a new job...with a cold.  FOR REAL.  This winter has been awful for me and sickness, as I have whined about before.

Title references a novel, but also how I feel about marathon training over the last month.  I have had some great workouts but also have missed a lot of workouts.  The book that my training plan is from has a section on best and worst times to train for a marathon.  "Starting a New Job" is on the worst time list...and I totally get it.  While I had no control over the timing of the new job, I didn't really think it would be that disruptive.  This week we also had a mini-vacation to Wisconsin Dells with my family which was very fun!

Unfortunately, this was one of my worst running weeks.  I could not get it together people!  Read on.

Monday 3/23
Plan says: Easy 4-5 miles

What I do: First day of my new job, I'm high on life and I get a run in!  

Total: 4.01 miles, 7:37/mi

Tuesday 3/24
Plan says: 1-2 mile warm up, 3 x 2 mile tempo run with 0.25 mile recovery in between, 1-2 mile cool down

What I do: It was super cold and dark by the time I got around to running and so I headed to the treadmill.  My head was pounding from my cold and I gave up on this workout after 1.36 miles.  

Total: 1.36 miles

Wednesday 3/25
Plan says: Rest or cross-train

What I do: Rest

Total: 0 miles

Thursday 3/26
Plan says: Easy 9 miles

What I do: Rest - still not feeling great, zonked after work days

Total: 0 miles

Friday 3/27
Plan says:  OPTIONAL 3-4 miles

What I do: I had the day off as we were heading to vacation mid-morning.  My plan was to get Thursday's 9 miler in before we left.  It was 15 degrees outside and windy.  I made it a mile and couldn't feel my fingers so I quit.  Things Fall Apart people!

Total: 1 mile, 7:36

Saturday 3/28
Plan says: 15 miles, strong 20 minute finish

What I do:  After a day at the waterpark, I left my family to try to get some miles in.  I ended up with 5.37 miles in 38:57.2 (7:15/mile).

Sunday 3/29
Plan says:  Rest

What I do: We arrived back home mid-afternoon.  I was so annoyed reflecting back on this running week at how I just gave up on so many workouts that I forced myself to go out on a regroup run without a watch.  My attempt at a reset.  

Total miles: 4.6 (calculated after the fact with gmap-pedometer)

Week 13 Total Mileage: 16.35 miles
Completed 1 of the 4 mandatory workouts.  

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