Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Post-Marathon Fog

I started running again after 8 days off.

During those 8 days, I did nothing in the realm of physical activity.  I had a glass of wine (or two) or a beer (or a two) every night.  I tried to give up eating dairy.  And sugar.  I got new running shoes!  (Brooks Glycerin 12).  (Then I updated my 2015 running spreadsheet and discovered my Sauconys probably had about 50 miles left on them.)  I went to bed early every night because I was so dead tired.

But now I am back running.  And eating sugar (currently eating rolos while typing).  I'm still on the limiting dairy kick.  For now. (And yes, I'm aware that my rolos are not dairy free, Smartass).

Yesterday I ran 2.2 miles.  The first mile was exhilirating.  The second mile hurt.

Tonight I just got back from running 3.1.   My legs felt looser although still sore.   The pain of the marathon is fading.  In six months, I'll probably sign up for another one, ha ha ha.  (Read this to get my joke:  That Marathon Was More Painful Than You Remember.)

I'll probably meander through May with short little runs.  I have a 5K on Saturday, which doesn't seem very competitive.  The winner gets some Cranky Al's donuts.  Hmm....good thing I'm not on that sugar free diet anymore :)

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