Friday, November 4, 2016

Friday Links: Be Present and Shut Down Negative Thoughts

This week's Friday Links have to do with being present.

"I have only been trying to learn to pay attention to wherever on the surface of this spinning blue ball in space I happen to be."
This is a problem I have in life in general.  Be Present.  At work, we call it "BE HERE NOW".  My mind is rarely in the present, and most definitely not while running.  I am always thinking about the end.  I have really really tried to make an effort to notice what I am feeling during each mile of a run over the past training session.  I can't say that I have completely mastered this, but the practice has brought more enjoyment to my actual run, beyond the endorphin rush I get at the end of a run.

Along those lines...I read two good pieces of race day fails.  NYC: The One that Got Away and What Happens if You Train All Year for a Marathon and Fail Miserably?
"I tell you this story because we runners love to plan.  We love to be in control.  We do it better than most. Control and plan.  We have our detailed running logs and charts.  WE plan what we're going to wear on race day and what songs we're going to listen to at certain miles and what we're going to eat and where we're going to eat it.  What we don't plan for is the unexpected.  Something elites do impeccably well is run in the present."

My workouts this week felt hard.  UGH. This Tina Muir post helped me immensely.

Can I get a bouncer for my brain starting at 7:15 Sunday morning?! This Mari Andrew illustration featured on Cup of Jo today:

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