Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May Miles and Returning to Running

I took a full week off of running.

I read a whole book and got 3/4 through another one.

I read a stack of magazines.

I stayed up late too many nights watching television with my husband.

I watched a movie.  A MOVIE! In it's entirety!!!

I slept like crap, naturally waking up way too early in the morning.

I drank some beers.

I drank some wine.

I ate a lot of junk food.

I planted flowers in my yard.

I cleaned my house.

I did ZERO exercise.

While it was nice to indulge, it definitely felt like something was missing from my day and I am fairly certain going from approximately 6.5 - 7 hours of running a week to 0 hours of running probably contributed to my difficulty sleeping.

After seven days off, I was downright giddy to start running again.  My goal for this week is to get some easy 30 minute runs in, again per Hanson's recommendation.  I ran for a little over 4 miles both Monday and Tuesday and my legs felt great.  My recovery for this marathon was probably the best I have felt post-marathon ever.

I still have some long term planning to do to figure out when I need to start training for my fall half-marathon.  My next race is in 24 more days - my first 10K race in over a decade!  It is also my first trail race so I have zero expectations for time for it.  I am also running a 10K in July which is what I will probably train for.

My May mileage total came to 152.41 miles, a 49.6% increase over last year, and almost 100 miles more than 2015.  My total 2017 mileage also broke 800 this week!  I am at 804.61 miles for the year.  To date, my mileage total is 21.2% greater than last year at this time.  We shall see if I can maintain this for the remainder of the year.

Historically June is one of my all-time low mileage months.  Last year, I was in a boot for a metatarsal stress reaction for half of June.  I'm fairly confident that June's mileage will also surpass last year's!

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  1. Congratulations- you totally deserve a week off. I'm really glad you spent the time relaxing and doing stuff you don't normally have a chance to do.