Tuesday, August 1, 2017

July 2017 Recap

I ran 157.36 miles in July!

This is huge for me as July has traditionally been a very low mileage month.

2014      53.13 miles
2015      87.18 miles
2016      34.55 miles
2017    157.36 miles

July 2017 was a 355.5% increase over the previous year.  (Ok, yes, I was injured July 2016 but still!!)

I missed a handful of workouts in July as well and had two races, neither of which really were stellar performances.  I have to remind myself that my goal (and my plan) are targeted to running a stellar half marathon in October, which might mean that I am not exactly primed to have break outs in the 10K or 5K, particularly when those races come during a cumulative fatigue building portion of the training plan.  As someone who struggles with wanting to be good at all the things, this feels disappointing at times.

Luckily, I had a great workout last night which was a good confidence booster.

What else happened in July?  I retired two more pairs of running shoes!  Neither of these shoes made it to the 400 mile mark.  I started noticing that much of the tread was totally worn down on the soles so thus, retirement.

Magenta Adidas Energy Boost 2 made it 378.07 miles.  The Mizuno Sayonara 3 made it 363.11 miles.  I really liked both of these shoes and am sad to see them go.

Currently, I have three pairs left in my rotation:

Adidas Ultraboost X (current mileage: 96.8 miles)
Saucony ISO 2 Triumph (286.37 miles)
Asics GT 2000 - 5 (171.45 miles)

I am excited to go shoe shopping with the gift card I won from the Race for the Bacon.  It has been a while since I purchased shoes at a running store (my two newest pairs I got for free - one through BibRave Pro and one through winning a contest) so I am excited to potentially try something new.  I like the Ultraboost Xs a lot but the other two pairs that I am currently running in I am only lukewarm on.  What shoes do you run in?

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