Monday, June 15, 2015

Race Report: 2 Miles!


Another race in the books for me.  I ran the Walleye Run 2 mile race on Saturday.  I would have loved to run the 5 mile race but the start time and time to travel was not in the cards for us.  

I was nervous about a 2 mile race given that I haven't run a 2 mile since high school track and I haven't had too many speed workouts in the past month.  Switching from marathon training mindset to 5K training mindset has been interesting!

I am not really pushy about my start line position, although I probably should start closer to the front than I usually do.  I ended up getting boxed in by a kid and his dad because I started really far right of the starting line.  As I got to the 1 mile mark, I was the 4th female and my Garmin posted a 6:03 mile split.  

I caught one woman about 1.5 miles in and as I saw the finish, I kicked it in to pass one more.  I was 9 seconds away from the first place woman.  While I felt like I was pushing it during the race, I had a lot left in the end so my pacing for a 2 mile needs some work.  However, if I could figure out how to run a 6:06 pace for a 5K, I would break my 19:00 goal!

The woman who finished right behind me gave me a hug and thanked me for pushing the pace at the end.  I later saw her on the playground at the festival with her 3 kids and we chatted about how finding time to run with kids is difficult. 

My next race isn't until August 6.  Plenty of time to get some more 400s in on the track...if I can survive the humidity.