Thursday, May 10, 2018

Product Review: Aftershokz Trekz Air Wireless Headphones

Product Review: Trekz Air wireless headphones by Aftershokz

I decided it was high time to try out some wireless headphones; or, my phone decided for me since it does not have a traditional headphone jack.  I was already sold on the Aftershokz brand after testing out their wired headphones last year (which I still use regularly with my iPod nano).  However, dealing with cords in certain situations has been less than ideal. 

Hello Lover.

Er, the Trekz Air wireless headphones in Midnight blue.

I received the headphones on a particularly nasty weekend (hello April snow) and was excited to give them a test run on my treadmill.

They were very easy to set up.  I plugged them into my computer via the USB to charge and then connected them via Bluetooth technology to my iPhone.  I'm not the most technologically savvy person (just ask my coworkers) but I found this very easy to do.  There is a little button near the ear piece that turns the headphones on and off and then I just opened my podcast app on my iPhone and went.  My arm swing was not affected by the cord, I didn't accidentally yank on any cords and pull them out of the iPod BECAUSE NO CORD EXISTS!!!

It's like magic.

I also really liked how light these were.  The Trekz Air was designed to be 20% lighter than its predecessor which was immediately obvious.  There was no bounce while running.  I could easily wear them with a hat and sunglasses and not be uncomfortable.

The headphones work via bone conduction which is also a little like magic in my book.  The ear piece does not go in your ear, rather it rests on your jawbone allowing you to hear whatever is playing AND your surroundings.  This provides a unique safety feature while running - I can listen to my podcasts on easy and long days and still if a car is coming or those damn squirrels that like to play in the leaves on early mornings :)

The Trekz Air really allowed me to have more use of headphones in non-running areas of my life, which is where I found them to be fantastic.  I don't regularly run with my phone, nor do I regularly listen to anything while running.  I usually save headphone runs for easy days so that on hard days, my focus is completely on my run.  In addition to running, I also tested out the headphones during some household chores.  Our laundry room is on our second floor on the back of our house and often I will listen to a podcast (usually My Favorite Murder) while folding all of the laundry I put off folding for weeks.  In other words, I will be parked there for a while.  Using the wireless headphones has made this job more enjoyable because I don't have to carry anything with me - my phone is on the counter, and I don't have a cord getting in the way of my folding.  More importantly, I can hear when someone enters the room, which means that my husband is no longer scaring the SH** out of me.  Score!

The other household task that I have taken to using my Trekz Air is while I am dinner prepping before my daughter gets home on the bus.  I have to be outside to meet the bus, so I will prep dinner in the short amount of time that I have between getting home from work and having her bus arrive.  I can listen to a shorter podcast (I really like Work Play Love by Lauren Fleshman and Jesse Thomas) and hear through our open windows the bus pull-up.

Speaking of work, I also take my Trekz Air to the office.  They come with a very handy, and small, carrying case that I throw in my bag.  No more having coworkers try to talk to me or come up behind me and scare me because they don't know I have headphones on!

While I have loved the Aftershokz products for over a year, the Trekz Air wireless really have allowed me to whittle down my podcast list doing a variety of things, not limited to running.

If you have been wanting to try a pair for yourself, you can use this link to get $30 off a pair of Trekz Air and a free trucker hat.  Let me know what color you pick out!


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