Monday, July 23, 2018

Madison Marathon Training Review: Week 1

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Welcome back to marathon training!  Seems like I just was doing this...oh, that's right.  I was.

I am again using a Hanson's Marathon Method plan; but rather than return to the beginner plan, which brought me much success for my previous two marathons, I am bumping up to the advanced plan.  The format of the plan is very similar; however, I start speed work in week 2 in the advanced compared to week 7 of the beginner; tempos start in week 3 compared to week 7; and the overall mileage volume is more.  I will get into 60+ miles per week with this plan, whereas I topped out at 56 miles last cycle.  I am going to use 6:50 as my marathon goal pace to start because my goal for this marathon is really focused on increasing volume without injury rather than increasing my time.  Madison Marathon is quite a hilly course, so if I can increase volume and get to the start line healthy, I will be happy.  I also think that if I can sub-3 on a hilly course, that will be good.  Grandma's Marathon isn't entirely flat, but I don't recall any elevation being difficult.

Week 1 of marathon training was fairly uneventful.  I don't know why but the first week of the Hanson's marathon method marathon plans is always a half week.  I mentally do better thinking about full weeks so I kind of made up the first part of the week based on what I had been doing with recovery runs. I already feel pretty badass for having a 34+ mile week on week 1 when my week 1 mileage for Grandma's was 22.15.

I also met up with someone mid-week for some (way-too-fast) miles.  I am part of a running group on Facebook for the city where I live and the meetups are always in the evening, which doesn't work well for my schedule.  There happened to be a thread about running in the morning so I met up with J for some early morning miles on Thursday.  She is training for Chicago so is weeks ahead of me so I defaulted to her mileage.  It was fun to run with someone, and even if I was supposed to run at an easy pace, it was also fun to run fast again.

Finally, I really fell off my of JasYoga July last week.  I only did yoga twice.  Yikes. 

Sunday July 15
Plan says: 45 minutes easy running

What I did: 5.5 miles, 45:41 (8:19 avg pace)

Monday July 16
Plan says: 45 minutes easy running

What I did: 3.52 miles, 30:02 (8:33 avg pace) plus JasYoga post long-run quick reset.  I was pretty sore from waterskiing the day before so I cut this short.  I rationalized it by saying the plan *really* doesn't start until Wednesday. 

Tuesday July 17
Plan says: Off

What I did: Nothing

Wednesday July 18
Plan says: easy paced 6 miles

What I did: 6.1 miles, 48:21 (7:55 average pace), JasYoga Stephanie Howe Violett Hip Reset

Thursday July 19
Plan says: easy paced 6 miles

What I did: 5.0 miles, 35:58 (7:11 avg pace).  This was neither 6 miles, nor easy paced.  I blame having a running partner for the first time in a LONG time.  One of the reasons I picked Thursdays as a meet up is that it will always be a recovery day for me.  However, I might have to have a "I need to run slower" conversation with J if we continue to make this a weekly thing.

Friday July 20
Plan says: easy paced 6 miles

What I did: 6 miles, 45:10 (7:31 avg pace).  Also too fast.  I was listening to music, something I rarely do on a run, and it was making me run too fast.  MUST.STICK.WITH.PODCASTS

Saturday July 21
Plan says: easy paced 8 miles

What I did: 8.4 miles, 1:08:08 (8:07 avg pace).  This was a really nice run.  I listened to some podcasts, I saw a lot of wildlife activity, and had a great time.  Wonderful way to start my Saturday!

Plan Total: 28 miles
What I did: 34.54 miles


  1. Wow- you are off to an incredible start. I am excited to watch you take on this new plan.

    1. Unfortunately, i have hit a few bumps during week 2, but it is early enough to be ok :)

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