Thursday, November 13, 2014

Running in the Dark

I have run in the dark twice this week.  It is not an optimal situation but necessary if I am going to train for a spring marathon given my schedule.

I have ran laps around my neighborhood and the adjacent neighborhood because:

1) The lighting in my neighborhood is good due to extensive use of exterior lighting by most of our neighbors.  The lighting in the adjacent neighborhood isn't as good, but it's doable.

2) The traffic is very minimal.

I wear reflective gear to be seen - armbands, vest and a small blinking light attached to a visor/hat - but I have been contemplating purchasing something that facilitates ME seeing.  I have landed on knuckle lights.

Has anyone used these and if so, give me your review in the comments!

I am always happy to hear tips for running in the dark too!

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