Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Training Before the Training Week 2

Goal mileage for 11/9 - 11/15: 19.5 miles
Actual mileage for 11/9 - 11/15:  20.47 miles

Cue happy face and green text!

The breakdown:

Sunday 11/9: 5.64 miles, 40:18 (7:08 pace).

Monday 11/10:   4.53 miles, 33:29 (7:24 pace). Ran laps around my neighborhood in the dark. Wasn't the greatest, but wasn't as awful as I anticipated.

Tuesday 11/11: 0 miles, 1 hour power yoga.

Wednesday 11/12: 4.03 miles, 29:15 (7:16 pace). More laps around my neighborhood in the dark, however it was SO COLD I broke out the fleece lined tights I bought from Athleta.  It is too early to be this cold!

Thursday 11/13: 0 miles, gluteus medius and hip flexor workouts from Runner's World.  I definitely got cocky with these as they seemed easy at the time.  The next day I was sore!

Friday 11/14: 0 miles.  The PLAN was to get a run in before the hubs left for work (the only time that was going to work that day for a run) but he had to go buy a carbon monoxide detector so no run for me. The best laid plans...I'm happy to report our home is carbon monoxide free.

Saturday 11/15: 6.27 miles, 46:05 (7:21 pace). More cold air and more fleece tights.  I am working on my LSD (long slow distance) run pace, even though I'm not sure exactly what that is yet. (Sidebar: I have been thinking a lot about pace lately.  Check back on Thursday morning to get my thoughts.)  I was trying to slow it down to 7:30 for this run but was not successful.  My mile splits:

Mile 1   7:23
Mile 2   7:18
              Mile 3   7:28 (close!)
Mile 4   7:18
Mile 5   7:19
Mile 6   7:21
Mile 7   7:20

Goal mileage for 11/16 - 11/22: 21.4 miles.

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