Thursday, March 5, 2015


"She's super-freaky"...

That song always pops into my head whenever I see "Super Feet".  Thank you Rick James.

If you've been reading since last fall, you know that I had a minor foot issue that I went to an orthopedic sports medicine doctor for.  At that time, we briefly discussed shoe insoles and her advice was that some people like them, others do not and that it wouldn't hurt to try them.

On my birthday, I finally went to my favorite local running store, PRO (Performance Running Outfitters), to check the Superfeet insoles out.  As usual, the customer service was awesome.  The associate put some in a shoes for me to try with and without.  I could tell a difference but I wasn't entirely sold.

What sold me was the 60 day guarantee.  I could try them for 60 days and if I liked them, great; if not, return them to the store for a complete refund.

I was fitted for the Berry version.  Interestingly, I would have picked the Green version without help but given my neutral running pattern, the associate was concerned that too much intervention could alter my running pattern too much.  He watched me run with Berry and didn't see an over correction so thought that was best.

I am not one to wear my running shoes for anything other than running, but during travel, I always wear my running shoes on the plane because they are usually the bulkiest shoe I own.  I don't want them taking up valuable suitcase space!  I put the inserts in before leaving for the aiport as I figured I could get some valuable break-in time in.

I ended up running all of my FL workouts (5 runs total) with the inserts in my Saucony Triumphs and they felt great.

The only problem is that I currently am using two pairs of running shoes that are not the same.  I cut the insoles to fit my Saucony Triumphs as those are my favorite, although I am still using my Mizunos on the treadmill.  I did a short speedworkout last night in my Mizunos on the treadmill and today my right foot hurts.  ARGH.

I know.

I should just surrender the Mizunos since I have never liked them anyways.

Have you ever tried insoles in your running shoes?  What did you think?

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