Monday, August 10, 2015

Three Races in September

September is a big month - I have signed up for THREE races.

September 12: TosaFest 5K
"An excellent course for a PR"
Let's hope so!  The top 3 women's times last year were 18:29, 18:59, 19:34.  I'm hoping being in a more competitive race and having a fast course will get me under 19!

September 19: Briggs and Al's Run for Children's Hospital 8K
We had a great time doing this race last year so this year I am captaining a team, mostly consisting of people from my office and some family members. My time last year was 32:12.9.  It will be nice to be able to compare this year's time to something.  I am hoping for the same cool weather we had last year.  Amy + cool weather = awesome

September 26: ???
My BFF & I planned on doing the harvest fest race in Sheboygan this day.  Our hotel rooms are booked, the families are coming along and now we just have to register.  I can't decide if I want to do the 10K or half-marathon.  And...I better decide because I will have to start beefing up my long run like yesterday.

This seems a little wacky and my primary goal is still to focus on the 5K and let the 8K be what it will.  I have done more speed work this summer than I did last summer, but so far, I feel like it is backfiring rather than helping!  Regardless of which distance I select for 9/26, I won't be racing racing it, and for that reason, I am leaning towards the half.  Am I crazy?

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