Monday, August 17, 2015

Unintentional Yoga Hiatus

One of the good things about transitioning to a Garmin several years ago is that I now have tons of data to look at.  One of the bad things is that you can get into comparison mode BIG time with all that data.

I looked back at my training last summer to compare it to this summer and last summer I was definitely faster, and not doing speed work.  Last summer was more of a "go out and run 4-5 miles, over and over...occasionally throw in a long run" type of plan.

What gives?

There is one big difference between last summer and this summer and it wasn't to be found in spreadsheets of Garmin data.


I changed jobs at the end of March this year which overall was a great move for me EXCEPT that the power yoga class that I diligently took for 4 years every Tuesday at lunch was no more.  While yoga is still offered as an employee benefit at my new job, the time stinks - 5 PM on a Monday.  I mistakenly thought, "Oh I can do yoga at home to make up for it."  THAT did not happen.

It's high time to get back into regular yoga practice so I will be trying out the yoga studio in our suburb. They have a yogalaties class that I think looks good as well as a few other types.   I'm looking forward to it!

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