Friday, April 8, 2016

I'm so excited....I'm so...SCARED

{Please tell me this is what comes to mind when you read the title of this post.}

A few weeks ago I was riding high on excitement for the Boston Marathon.  I am still telling myself that I am excited but in reality, I am SHITTING MY PANTS.

I haven't slept well ALL WEEK.  Something I found out about myself with my first pregnancy is that for me, anxiety manifests itself as sleeplessness.  So, whenever I am really anxious about something, insomnia is not too far behind.

I have tried techniques learned in a mindfulness class I took last fall at work.  I have been visualizing the heck out of the race.  I have called to mind all of the positive tricks and tips from this book, which I conveniently finished reading at 3 AM the other night.

All of my runs this week have totally sucked, which isn't much of a confidence booster either. This morning, I was huffing and totally stopped at the top of a hill, at mile 0.82 thinking, I must be running this too fast.  Nope.  8:02 pace.  ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any tips to "shake it off"?

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