Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Time That Wasn't


For those of you who do not personally know me or follow me on Instagram, let me just get right to it.  I did NOT meet my time goals for the 120th Boston Marathon - any of them.

My finish time was 3:31:49.  

Out of 7 marathons that I have now done, the third fastest time.  Not even close to a PR.

(On the flip side, it was about 1:45 faster than my 26 year old self ran it. I had to throw some sunshine in here!)

I was very disappointed in the time.  Even though many people that I knew and follow on Instagram also had similar experiences to mine, it still hurt.  I was very well trained for this - probably the best trained I have ever been for a marathon.  So, the time was a let down.   I pushed myself as much as I could - I had a lot of mental successes on the course but my legs and back quit despite my many efforts to will them forward.

I bought a Boston Globe at the airport yesterday and made it through 2 articles and started the 3rd, which made me cry. So many points resonated with me. I did not have a finishing kick at Boston.

I am working on a recap of the race so watch for it in the coming days.

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