Monday, December 12, 2016

AMR Stride Week 4 Recap

Well we have snow now!  And lots of it!

Last week I was in Boston for 2 days for business.  I am all ok running in the dark while running loops around my neighborhood, but I wasn't about to test it in an unfamiliar area so treadmill it was.  I can't even remember the last time I was on a treadmill - likely last winter for Boston training.  I still am not a fan of them, but was grateful my hotel had a good one so I could still get my runs in!

I kept up the run streak but it was a really challenging week!

Monday:  Plan called for 30-40 minute zen run.

32 minutes, 4 miles on the treadmill.  Listened to the first half of this ROO Podcast #218 with Rebecca Pachecho.  Liked the "relaxation is power" mantra that she talked about learning when she took up boxing.

Tuesday: Plan called for a stair circuit mixed in with squats, planks, tricep dips, pushups, lunges.

I was not about to run stairs in a hotel so I chose a hill workout preset on the treadmill instead.  Finished the aforementioned ROO Podcast.

15 minutes (1.74 miles) of hill workout on treadmill
10 squats
10 pushups
10 lunges
60 sec plank
10 tricep dips
15 minutes (1.76 miles) of hill workout on treadmill
10 squats
10 pushups
10 lunges
60 sec plank
10 tricep dips

Wednesday:  Plan called for Yoga + Running.

OMG.  I cannot even explain to you how sore I was from Tuesday's workout.  I only did the running part plus it was my turn in the pool for parent + child swim with my son.  I count that as a workout because lifting and swinging a 40 lb. kid in the pool is no joke.

3.1 miles, 23:49 (7:40 pace)

Thursday:  Plan called for an off day.

Yep.  I was still sore and really tired because I have been going to bed way late in an attempt to get Christmas stuff done.  SOOOOOOOOOOO  I shut off my morning run alarm.  Squeezed this run in between the office and waiting for my daughter to come home from the bus, which meant I left my son at daycare longer.  I'm not going to lie...I had some guilt.

2.42 miles, 17:33 (7:15 pace)

Friday: Plan called for 30-40 minute run.

Once again, I shut off my alarm, so I was forced to repeat the same scenario as Thursday.  Bus came a little earlier today, so didn't get quite as many minutes in!

2.1 miles, 14:25 (7:10 pace)

Saturday:  Plan called for 60-90 minute long run.

The big snow was supposed to start today.  I pushed it a bit by waiting for my son's nap to get out on the road.  I ended up running when it was sunny and beautiful and before any snow hit.  LOVED IT!  I had a great run - 9.01 miles, 1:01:31 (6:50 avg pace).  I was a little nervous when I saw my early miles that I was not going to be able to negative split my long run, but I dug down and made it happen.

Mile 1: 7:04
Mile 2: 6:59
Mile 3: 7:16
Mile 4: 6:51
Mile 5: 6:56
Mile 6: 6:44
Mile 7: 6:30
Mile 8: 6:31
Mile 9: 6:35

Sunday:  We woke up to a ton of snow!  It looked so pretty.  We had a busy day - church Christmas program + family Christmas party - so I ran in the late afternoon, amidst a lot of snow and slush.  Time to dig the yaktrax out!  I got my minimum 10 minutes in to keep the #RWRUNSTREAK alive.

10 minutes, 1.2 miles.

Total Miles: 25.33

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