Friday, June 30, 2017

June Mileage

Happy end-of-June!  I logged 117.25 miles in June, which I am pleased about.  I was expecting June to be the month with the least amount of miles in 2017 but it just beat out January (117.21 miles).

June historically is a very low mileage month for me, likely because I have had difficulty getting back into consistent mileage after spring marathons.  Last year, I also was put in a boot for a stress reaction mid-June.

June 2015 mileage = 61.77 miles
June 2016 mileage = 42.58 miles

Overall, I am pleased with getting back on the consistency train.

Looking forward to July, I have two races on the calendar.  On July 8 I have a duathlon (which heads up - I have done zero cycling for. Zero).  On July 23 I have a road 10K.  Outside of that, I will be continuing with the Hanson's Advanced Half Marathon Plan.

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  1. Great job on getting in the miles this month. Especially compared to previous Junes!