Monday, June 12, 2017

Recovery Week 3 Training Recap

Another recovery week in the books.  My goal was to do about the same amount of miles as last week - 20ish.  I just hit the 20 mile mark.

Monday, June 5

I slept through my alarm so no running that morning.  I went to see Sheryl Sandburg on her Option B book tour with my mom that evening so it ended up being a rest day.

Tuesday, Jun 6
Again, slept through alarm so did some miles before my daughter got off the bus.  This was my last "bus run" until the next school year!

3.52 miles, 26:54 (7:38 avg pace)

Wednesday, June 7
No morning run...again.  Wednesday I have after-school care for the kids so I did my run after work.  I ended up ALMOST stepping on a turtle on the run path near a pond.  I was so excited that I picked up the kids and we stopped by the pond on the way home to see if she was still there - my son caught her bustin' a move from the path into the water. Score!

5.01 miles, 37:21 (7:28 avg pace)

Thursday, June 8
EARLY RUN! Success.  My only early run of the week.  The cool air felt so good.  AGAIN, I encountered a turtle on my run, albeit a MUCH larger one.

4.6 miles, 36:20 (7:54 avg pace)

Friday, June 9
Off day.  I had an early morning eye doctor appointment and it was the last day of school!

Saturday, June 10
My kids participated in the Walleye Run in my hometown.  They had a blast and my daughter ended up getting in the top 10 for girls.  My son just missed last place.  :)  It was a hot weekend here in Wisco - temps were in the 90s both days.   I ended up doing a short run after the kids were in bed.

3.26 miles, 24:28 (7:30 avg pace)

Sunday, June 11
My kids ended up sleeping in and so did we.  It was glorious.  (Sleeping in for us is 6:45am).  I again ran when they were in bed.  While I haven't really pushed the pace during these recovery weeks, I wanted to see if I could run fast so after a mile, I pushed to get 2 sub-7 miles in before a mile cool down.  I think I might be ready to move out of the recovery zone.

4 miles, 28:07 (7:01 avg pace)

Total Weekly Miles:  20.4 miles

Sleep Data
I am still getting to bed way too late.  As evidence by the fact that I am sleeping through all of my alarms.  I am a little shy of the 8 hour mark, although I made some improvements from last week.

Average sleep score: 81 (out of 100)
Average sleep duration: 7.7 hours (7.8 hours weekday, 7.0 hours weekend)

Sleep quality: 4% light, 41% medium, 55% deep

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  1. Nice week! I find that in the summer my body naturally sleeps less because there is more daylight. I'm not sure how it knows this, but it does.