Friday, July 7, 2017

Pewaukee Duathlon, Here I Come!

Tomorrow is race day, although a race of a different sort!  I will be participating in the Pewaukee Duathlon.  Last fall, I won a Facebook Contest sponsored by Lighthouse Events and Endurance House Milwaukee.  As part of this contest, I won a pair of Asics running shoes, an Endurance House shirt and hat, and entry into the Duathlon.  At the time that I won this, I was excited to branch out into a new activity for the summer, because, historically, I back off running so much in the summer.

Fast forward to now.  I decided to try to continue training with Hanson's plans for the fall half marathon and thus those workouts have taken priority.  I have done NO CYCLING.  Most of this is due to time. I don't have a desire to cut into the time I spend running each week to do cycling.  I am enjoying the benefits of staying consistent in running.  Also, cycling is way more time intensive than running.

Still, it will be fun to try something new and WAY out of my comfort zone tomorrow. The race is at 4 PM so I am expecting a hot, humid mess.  I have to run 2 miles, transition to the bike for 14.7 miles, then transition back to running 2 miles.  Per the website, this is a good course for newbies like myself as they will have supports along the bike course in case something happens to your bike (which is what I am mostly afraid of).  When I say I have no idea what I am doing on a bike, believe me.  I have no idea what I am doing.  I asked a competitive triathlete friend of mine, "So...when you're biking, are you pedaling the entire time?"  She was very nice in responding, "Yes."

This is going to be a far cry from biking with my kids, though part of me thinks if I can bike while pulling 50 lbs of kid in a bike trailer, or bike while pushing my daughter up a hill on her bike, I can bike 14.7 miles by myself. :)

Wish me luck!  I'll try to recap the event by the end of the weekend for you.

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