Monday, August 17, 2015

Unintentional Yoga Hiatus

One of the good things about transitioning to a Garmin several years ago is that I now have tons of data to look at.  One of the bad things is that you can get into comparison mode BIG time with all that data.

I looked back at my training last summer to compare it to this summer and last summer I was definitely faster, and not doing speed work.  Last summer was more of a "go out and run 4-5 miles, over and over...occasionally throw in a long run" type of plan.

What gives?

There is one big difference between last summer and this summer and it wasn't to be found in spreadsheets of Garmin data.


I changed jobs at the end of March this year which overall was a great move for me EXCEPT that the power yoga class that I diligently took for 4 years every Tuesday at lunch was no more.  While yoga is still offered as an employee benefit at my new job, the time stinks - 5 PM on a Monday.  I mistakenly thought, "Oh I can do yoga at home to make up for it."  THAT did not happen.

It's high time to get back into regular yoga practice so I will be trying out the yoga studio in our suburb. They have a yogalaties class that I think looks good as well as a few other types.   I'm looking forward to it!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Three Races in September

September is a big month - I have signed up for THREE races.

September 12: TosaFest 5K
"An excellent course for a PR"
Let's hope so!  The top 3 women's times last year were 18:29, 18:59, 19:34.  I'm hoping being in a more competitive race and having a fast course will get me under 19!

September 19: Briggs and Al's Run for Children's Hospital 8K
We had a great time doing this race last year so this year I am captaining a team, mostly consisting of people from my office and some family members. My time last year was 32:12.9.  It will be nice to be able to compare this year's time to something.  I am hoping for the same cool weather we had last year.  Amy + cool weather = awesome

September 26: ???
My BFF & I planned on doing the harvest fest race in Sheboygan this day.  Our hotel rooms are booked, the families are coming along and now we just have to register.  I can't decide if I want to do the 10K or half-marathon.  And...I better decide because I will have to start beefing up my long run like yesterday.

This seems a little wacky and my primary goal is still to focus on the 5K and let the 8K be what it will.  I have done more speed work this summer than I did last summer, but so far, I feel like it is backfiring rather than helping!  Regardless of which distance I select for 9/26, I won't be racing racing it, and for that reason, I am leaning towards the half.  Am I crazy?

Friday, August 7, 2015

A disappointing 5K


My official time for last night's 5K.

I wasn't even close to 19:00 and I was disappointed.

My first mile was 6:04 and it felt terrible.  My 2nd mile was 6:20 and my third mile was 6:40 (estimated from my memory of my Garmin).  If I wanted to get sassy, I did win the race.  If I wanted to get sassier, I beat the cross country girl who got 2nd and was half my age.

I am still disappointed.

This time is only 8 seconds faster than my time on this course last year and 11 seconds SLOWER than the first 5K I did this year.  I have Shalane Flanagan's quote "Success is not linear" on my work computer and that definitely applies to my experience with the 5K this summer.  A huge womp womp.

 I have had very few runs this summer where I legitimately felt good.  Mostly my legs feel heavy and the run is more of a slog.  I am not overtraining - trust me.  I run 3-4 times a week and the longest run I have done in the past two months is 6 miles.

I need to work on pushing myself, especially if I am running by myself.  Yesterday I ran the first mile with a group of people, which had thinned out by mile marker 1.  I ran the rest of the race by myself, with the exception of the last .2 where a guy game from behind me.  At that moment, I was really dragging but my competitive nature fired up and I was able to really push and finish hard.  How do I tap into that competitive spirit when I am on my own?

Building on that, I really love my comfort zone.  I was not in my comfort zone last night, but every time it really hurt, I backed off...and still could finish strong and was fine when I stopped.  I don't like to hurt!  How weird is it that this was on the Runner's World Instagram feed last night:

So things to work on.  Not necessarily a bad thing.  Off to find another 5K to enter!

The one thing that was NOT disappointing is that Bruce Springsteen's Born to Run (one of my favorite songs) was playing when the gun went off.  Cliche, but awesome.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


I have come to the end of my 5K training via the 8 week Oiselle plan.  Generally I did pretty well with this plan, and found that I liked running by minutes versus miles, although I would have mileage goals for the time goals in my head.

The 5K I am running is Thursday!  I am really going to try to push myself to break 19:00 in this race.  Last year, I ran 20:00.28 on this course.  I enjoy the course - it reminds me of cross country courses from high school.  I will have to be ok with making it hurt more than I usually do though!

Another exciting development is that I got in on the Oiselle running team, Volee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  They have made this available twice, and really if you can make it through the technology snafus that inevitably happen when lots of people attempt to get on the same web page, and pay $100, you're in.  I didn't make it through the first time so I was pumped to get through this time.  My jersey has shipped, but I don't know that it will be here in time for Thursday night's race.