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Grandma's Marathon Training: Week 9 Recap

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I am now halfway through my training plan.  I have logged 301.06 miles to date.  Last year, I logged 285.06 miles in the first nine weeks with the exact same plan.  While I missed one long run (10 miles) to date, I did put in a few more weekly miles in the early weeks.

Last week was all about just putting my head down and getting it done.  We can do hard things!!

Sunday, April 8
Plan Says:  Easy 5 miles

What I did:  6 miles, 49:20 (8:13 avg pace)
I mistakenly thought I had 6 on the docket so that is why I went the extra mile.  This was not a great run as I was having a lot of back and side pain/discomfort.  I did a lot of side stretching in the therapy pool after this run and also did the JasYoga Side body reset which helped some.

Monday, April 9
Plan Says: 5 x 1 km, with 400 meter recovery in between and 1 mile warm up and cool down

What I did: The workout.  I was a little nervous about this after all of the back/side issues I had over the weekend.  To top that, it was lightly snowing when I got outside at 5:15 AM.  Luckily the road was not slippery.

After a slow start, this actually felt pretty decent.  I was again on the road (1 km = 0.62 miles) and the first loop was not ideal for a recovery loop and so I modified the route for the 2nd - 5th repeats which meant that I had a little bit longer of a recovery (0.3 miles instead of 0.25).  My goal time for these 1 km repeats was 3:48.

1.06 mile warm up, 9:03.8 (8:35 avg pace)

1.   3:54.4 (6:18 avg pace) / recovery: 0.25 miles,  (10:05 avg pace)
2.   3:40.0 (5:53 avg pace) / recovery: 0.31 miles,  (8:16 avg pace)
3.   3:39.6 (5:54 avg pace) / recovery: 0.30 miles,  (8:37 avg pace)
4.   3:41.7 (5:56 avg pace) / recovery: 0.30 miles,  (8:29 avg pace)
5.   3:41.0 (5:54 avg pace)

2.0 mile cool down, 16:42 (8:20 avg pace)

Tuesday, April 10
Plan Says: Off

What I did:  Off.  I had my annual biometric screening for work this morning so that meant a 12 hour fast.  I was not about to run on a 12 hour fast.  Fasting also makes me feel sort of nauseous for the entire day afterwards.

Wednesday, April 11
Plan Says: 8 mile tempo, 1 mile warm up and cool down

What I did:  I have not had great sleep lately and Tuesday night was exceptionally bad so I turned off my early alarm.  This meant I was going to be running after kids were in bed and by the time that point in the day came, I was not up for an 8 mi tempo so I flipped some workouts around.  My right side still was hurting.

5 miles, 40:57 (8:11 avg pace)

Thursday, April 12
Plan Says: easy 6 miles

What I did: Up and at 'em for the tempo run.  It was a great morning, temperature wise.  I ended up overdressing with a long sleeve, jacket and capris. I stripped off the jacket after my warm up mile and spent a lot of the 8 mile tempo wishing I was in short sleeves.  I was definitely nervous about this run.  The jump from a 5 mile tempo to 8 mile tempo in one week is one of the toughest points of the plan, in my opinion.

All in all, I felt more relaxed during this tempo compared to last week.  I still had a lot of stops to cough up phlegm and many, many snot rockets.  I mean, how much phlegm/snot can a body produce?! A LOT.  My side pain was definitely present, but not too bothersome.

1 mile warm up, 8:30.4
8 miles tempo, 54:11 (6:46 avg) Mile splits: 6:56, 6:43, 6:53, 6:48, 6:32, 6:46, 6:46, 6:43
1.25 mile cool down, 10:16 (8:12 avg)

I was SPENT after this.  It is days like this where I want to be able to take a mid-day nap.

Friday, April 13
Plan Says: easy 5 miles

What I did: easy 5.5 miles in the morning.  46:27 (8:16 avg pace)

Saturday, April 14
Plan says: long 15 miles

What I did:  I ended up DNS for Run from the Taxman.  I didn't feel it was worth the risk of injury on a slippery muddy trail.  I DID log 15 miles in the sleet and snow though.  I decided to do my neighborhood loops, even though I was doing this early afternoon, so that I could bail and go in on the treadmill if it got ridiculous.  Loops also ensured that I was not heading into the wind for too long of a period.  The wind itself was not super strong, but the fact that it would drive the freezing rain into my face was painful!

I felt really good for this run, and ran too fast.  My husband helped me KT tape my side which definitely helped with the discomfort I have been having.  It was only the last two miles where I felt very fatigued.

15 miles, 1:53:33 (7:34 avg pace)

Mile splits: 7:13 / 7:36 / 7:35 / 7:27 / 7:29 / 7:39 / 7:33 / 7:43 / 7:35 / 7:31 / 7:35 / 7:44 / 7:42 / 7:31 / 7:38

Weekly Total
Plan says: 47 miles
What I did: 49.11 miles

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