Monday, February 8, 2016

8 Weeks Down!

Another week down!  

Speed:  My speed workout this week was 1.6 mile warm up, 10x800 @ 3:15-20 pace with 1:30 jog between each, 1.6 mile cool down.

I was groaning a bit about this because it came 3 days after I basically did 12x800 for the indoor marathon relay, and my legs were still sore from that.  But I sucked it up and got on the treadmill.  I set the treadmill to 9.2 mph for all of them and upped it for the last 3 to 9.3-9.5 - basically pushing buttons to fight boredom!  I also finished a podcast for the first part of the workout, but then only played music during my 800 which was a fun little game to get me through.

My two days of easy runs continue to be 4 miles easy with 6-8 strides after.  I initially hated doing strides after my workouts but have come to like them.  They make me feel strong.

Long Run:  My long run this week was 17 miles broken down to: 10 miles easy, 4 miles at 7:20, 1 mile easy, 2 miles at 7:10-7:20.

It sort of happened that way.  Saturday morning I got a text from B, who was on my team for the marathon relay and is also training for Boston, wanting to know if I wanted to meet up for a long run.  Saturday was a squeeze for me and she nicely drove to my house.  She had 18 easy pace miles on her plan.  We did the first 10 together and then I had to pick it up, which initially felt hard, but I got into a groove.  I am still not great at pacing.  It is hard for me to switch from easy to a specific pace because I always think I have to run faster than I actually do.  We ended up doing our final miles as loops in my neighborhood and when i was done with my workout, I went back to finish hers.  So I ran MORE than my long run plan, which I don't think has ever happened.  ha  ha ha.  I felt good for this run, likely because it was fun to have someone to chat with.  Now I have an excellent podcast line up for my next treadmill day!

B also confirmed that this route, which is my typical long run, and my neighborhood loops are my 4 mile easy route is HILLY.  I was happy to hear this because I want to make sure I am running hills frequently enough.  We also had some major wind to contend with.  

Mile 1: 8:05
Mile 2: 7:40
Mile 3: 7:43
Mile 4: 8:03
Mile 5: 8:30
Mile 6: 8:24
Mile 7: 8:11
Mile 8: 8:03
Mile 9: 8:13
Mile 10: 8:12
Mile 11: 7:41
Mile 12: 7:15
Mile 13: 7:00
Mile 14: 6:51
Mile 15: 6:51
Mile 16: 6:57
Mile 17: 6:52
7:45 average, 2:11:48

Mile 18: 8:26

Total miles last week: 35.89
Total miles per plan: 34.50

Another week of solid training in the books.  I am having some aches in my right arch - same issues I was having last year.  I think it is because I stopped using the Superfeet insoles - or rather, they are in my old shoes and I haven't switched them to the other shoes in my rotation.  I put them into my Adidas for my long run and it felt much better so going to get another set of those (since my old pair is probably way worn out).  

In other gear news, I have to get some new sports bras.  I ordered the Oiselle Verrazano and it came looking so pretty but it doesn't fit.  I should have realized it did not have an adjustable band, which is a requirement for me.  Sad face.  I will probably stick with my tried and true Moving Comfort bras.

10 weeks until Boston!!

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