Monday, February 15, 2016

9 Weeks Down, 9 Weeks to Go!

Last week threw a few curveballs.  Some I missed (see Rough Spot) and some I knocked out of the park.

The weather has been, for the most part, very generous this year.  Last week, the temps plummeted for more than a day, which meant that 3 of the 4 runs that I had on my plan were done on the treadmill, including my long run.  I did an easy 4 miler outside on Thursday evening to test the weather.  Thursday night was slightly warmer than the temps were forecasted to be on Saturday.  I was ok with the 4 miles, however, my legs were COLD.  I made the decision then that my 2 hour 20 minute run was going to be on the treadmill.  GULP.

Normally, I do my Saturday long run early afternoon, while my 2 year old naps.   The problem with that was that the Olympic marathon trials were going to be on during the same time.  I wasn't sure that my gym was going to have them playing, and I also have had annoyances while plugging my headphones into the treadmill - I get little "shocks" every once in a while.  Yeah.  Not doing it.

We also had a pretty packed weekend.  Swim lessons Saturday morning.  Double date night Saturday night.  Church event on Sunday morning.  Band concert Sunday afternoon.  AHHHHHHHH.

The only option was to get it done prior to swim lessons on Saturday morning.

I set my alarm for 4:45 AM. I downloaded some podcasts.  I went to bed relatively early.

Unfortunately, I barely slept after 1 AM.  I was really anxious about the run and therefore tossing and turning.

I woke up with the alarm, changed and grabbed my bag.  I ate a Picky Bar while driving. I got to the gym around 5 AM.  It was empty. Woohoo! My favorite corner treadmill was available.

I pulled on my Oiselle Volee racing singlet and my CEP compression calf sleeves.  Grabbed my fuel, my iPod, my water bottle and climbed on.

My plan had me doing the first 90 minutes "easy", the next 30 minutes "medium", and the final 20 minutes "hard".  I broke this up even more because that is the only way I can get through treadmill workouts: Little chunks.

First chunk:
30 minutes at 7.6 mph. 7:54 pace.
@ 20 minutes, raise incline to 3% for 1 minute.

Second chunk
30 minutes at 7.7 mph, 7:48 pace.
@ 40 minutes, raise incline to 3% for 1 minute
@ 45 minutes, eat a Gu Chomp Block
@ 58:30 minutes, raise incline to 3% for 1 minute

Treadmill shuts off automatically.  7.63 miles. Refilled my water bottle, dropped a Nuun tablet in. Push start.

Third chunk
30 minutes @ 7.7 mph, 7:48 pace.
@ 15 minutes, eat a block.
@ 20 minutes, raise incline to 3% for 90 seconds.
@ 30 minutes increase speed to 7.8 mph, 7:42 pace, eat a block.

Fourth chunk
@ 40 minutes, raise incline to 3% for 90 seconds,
@ 45 minutes, eat a block.
@ 58 minutes, raise incline to 3.5% for 90 seconds.
@ 60 minutes, eat a block, treadmill shuts off (again). 7.82 miles done.

It's a little hazy but I also increased my speed 0.1 mph at a time through this fourth chunk, starting at 7.8 mph and ending at 8.1 mph.  7:42-7:24 pace.

Fifth chunk
Start at 8.1 mph (7:24 pace).
@ 5 mins, increase speed to 8.2 mph (7:19 pace).
@ 10 mins, increase speed to 8.3 mph (7:14 pace).  Ditch the podcasts - switch over to music.
@ 15 mins, increase incline to 3% for 90 seconds, eat a block, increase speed to 8.4mph (7:09 pace)
@ 16 mins, increase speed to 8.5 mph (7:04 pace)
@ 17:30 mins, increase speed to 8.6 mph (6:59 pace)
@ 20 mins, hit stop. 2.74 miles done.

TOTAL: 2:20:00, 18.19 miles

The timing of the speed increases above is approximate.  I was downright GIDDY during the fifth chunk because a) I was almost done and b) I felt really strong.

Since I bailed halfway through last week's speed workout, I had some miles to make up.  Therefore, I did an optional run yesterday.  It had started snowing yesterday afternoon and I was groaning, not really wanting to be on the treadmill the day after the above when my husband exclaimed, "YAK TRAX!"  I had forgotten about those things!  I strapped them onto an older pair of running shoes and took off.  It was still snowing lightly when I was running and it was so pretty.   A run to remember!

Another week done!

Total miles: 35.96
Total miles per plan: 36.75

Heard on the run:
1. Serial Updates to Trial of Adnan Syad.
Listened to these during my speed workout.  Eh.  Kind of boring.

2. Serial podcast, Season Two, Episode 6 "5 O'Clock Shadow"
Listened to half of this during my speed workout until I abandoned ship on that workout.  Forgot to finish up the second half so will have to do that this week.

3. An Interlude of Clarity, Modern Love podcast
Kicked off my long run with this. Cute story.

4. The Plunge, Modern Love podcast
I enjoyed this story.  I was blown away that a 17 year old wrote it.

5. "Regular" Mother Runners Doing the Olympic Trials Part 1 podcast
AHMAZING.  I was so glad that I had saved these to listen to back to back the morning of the Olympic trials.  It was very motivating during my long run, and made me even more excited to watch the trials.  Also, the title made me think of those Us Weekly things "Stars, They're Just Like Us". ha ha ha

6. "Regular" Mother Runners Doing the Olympic Trials Part 2 podcast
AHMAZING. Again.  This one featured one of my favorites - Sarah "Mac" Robinson.  Her qualifying story still gives me shivers, and this photo (taken by sean dulancy) is one of my favorite running photos ever:

NINE WEEKS UNTIL BOSTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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