Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Rough Spot

In the interest of keeping it real, I feel like I have to interrupt my "training is going really great" series of posts with a rough spot.  Yesterday was one of those days.

Monday night was, for all practical purposes, a sleepless night due to my daughter's hacking cough.  If the kids don't sleep, ain't nobody sleeping, amIright?

Thus, Tuesday morning was rough.

I got out of bed because I had a 7 AM appt to donate blood for my work's blood drive.  I was so tired, I actually felt nauseous.  I shoved a Picky Bar in and starting chugging a bottle of water and drove to work.  I arrived at the blood drive a few minutes late and was called back.  I made it through the initial physical exam and then started feeling really woozy.  They had me lay down and while I "recovered", I mistakenly thought I was still going to donate.  Even though my blood pressure and all was fine, they sent me on my way after making me drink an apple juice and eat a bag of chips.  YUK.

For the remainder of the day, I felt off, which is common when I feel light headed.

I knew I should have just delayed my speed workout, but I just wanted to get it over with.  Check the box.  Cross it off the list.  

My husband, who was feeling equally sleep deprived, said, "I can't believe you are going to run right now. I'll probably be sleeping when you get back [from the gym]."

I arrived at the gym with my workout listed on a piece of paper:

1.6 mi warm up
1 mi @ 6:55
0.25 mi jog
1 mi @ 6:50
0.25 mi jog
1 mi @ 6:45
0.25 mi jog
1 mi @ 6:40
0.25 mi jog
1 mi @ 6:35
0.25 mi job
1 mi @6:30
1.6 mi cool down

I write these on a piece of paper so I can record each interval as I go.  

I was huffing through the warm up.  Not a good sign.  Felt like it was going to take me a while to warm up and get into a groove.  After the 2nd mile repeat, I thought that perhaps going to the bathroom would help.  It did not.  I came back to find that my treadmill was now occupied by another woman.  I collected my belongings that I left there and moved to another treadmill to start the 3rd mile repeat.  I was really struggling.  I barely finished that mile and then decided to quit.  

First missed workout since I started working with EH over 8 weeks ago.  So goes my perfect attendance record.

I got home, showered, and crashed in my bed.  It was glorious.

P.S. I have officially received a "what the hell were you thinking" re: donating blood during marathon training email from EH.  Thus, I will not be attempting to donate blood again until after 4/18 :)


  1. This reminds me of a Saturday when I did a long run (training for Eugene). It might have been my 20 miler, but it was at least 17 miles. I got back home and had about 30 minutes before a blood appt. I showered in about 2 seconds, shoved any food I could find in my mouth, drank water, and drove over to Stanford. I promptly failed every single part of the exam. My temp was wacky, BP was way low, hemoglobin was a mess. I honestly thought, "I don't think I've ever failed anything so miserably." I actually successfully donated blood the next week (don't tell EH), but it was a good lesson in stopping to listen to my body. I should have known better!

    I hope the rest of the week goes well!

    1. That is so interesting, M! I was sort of expecting my hemoglobin to be low but it was 13 (has to be 12 or 12.5 to donate I think).