Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday Links!

Apologies.  There haven't been any Friday Links in a few weeks.  My Fridays have been a little crazy lately!

I covertly tried to watch the women's Olympic 10,000 m final from my office this morning and it made me depressed.  Depressed because I am so highly suspicious of the outcome.  This link provides a good round up of post-race tweets.

Ironically, the Wall Street Journal tweeted a link to this article IMMEDIATELY post-race.  Hmmm....

There was a happy outcome of the race though - Molly Huddle set the new American Record in the 10K.  AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another depressing side of running is the high profile homicides of three females who were running at the time of assault which has led to a lot of "x number of safety tips for female runner" articles.  This article points out the absurdity of this:

More on women's safety - have you been catcalled while running? I have!

Have a great weekend! I will be tuning in to the marathon Sunday morning.  Go Shalane, Amy & Desi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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