Monday, August 1, 2016

Looking Back on July & Looking Ahead to August

I started July in a boot and ended with a five mile run.  Not bad!

Total Mileage: 34.54 miles
60.4% decrease from July 2015

I am happy with this mileage.  Something is better than nothing!

My goals for August are really to slowly build back some endurance and mileage without re-injuring myself. I have 3 races on the calendar:

8/4 West Bend Race for the Columns.
My BFF and I have ran this race every year of it's existence AND it's on her birthday.  Double fun!

8/6 Friends of Hank Aaron State Trail 5k
I joined my employer's team for this.  Free race entry and a new-to-me race.  Double fun!

8/28 Nuun Challenge Dash
Oiselle WI formed a team for this event.  I think I signed up for the virtual 5K event.

Anyone doing any fun races this month!

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  1. Great schedule. It's really awesome to see you recovering from your injury! Looking forward to reading all about these races.