Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Recap of January and February Mileage Totals

I again am tracking monthly mileage to keep myself accountable to my overall goal of remaining consistent.  My son was born in December of 2013 and I started tracking mileage in 2014 with the goal of getting back into running more regularly.  It is interesting to me to reflect on the last years of running data.

I also ran spring marathons in 2015 and 2016 so mileage across all three years will likely follow similar patterns of having the high mileage months in the beginning of the year.

2014:  0
2015:  121.69
2016:  148.38
2017:  117.21

2014:  19.34
2015:  111.59
2016:  148.78
2017:  125.89

My YTD mileage for 2017 is higher than 2015 and lower than 2016 at the same time points.  This is in line with the line graph I charted about mileage expectations with the Hanson plan.  March 2016 was the highest mileage month I have ever had (165.99) so we will see how March 2017 stacks up!


  1. I love stats. These are so much fun! Do you have an online training log, or do you just track it by hand?

    1. I use an Excel spreadsheet that I download my data from my Garmin into AND a believe training journal. I like the Excel sheet for quickly looking at data comparisons but the training journal allows for more qualitative assessments and goal setting. I have linked my Garmin account to Strava but admittedly don't really log into Strava very much.