Monday, October 27, 2014

Race Report: Kiwanis Halloween Run 4 "K"

Yesterday I ran another 5K.  While the greater MKE area is fantastic for running, there are not that many races that actually occur in our suburb so I try to do those that do happen just so there are more of them.

It was a beautiful day for a run, although I think they would have had a better turn out if they held the event on a Saturday, versus Sunday, morning. It was a very small event!

The location was right down the street from our church.  I had messed up the time, but my original plan was to go to church, change and run the race but I had the start time wrong so I ended up dropping the fam off at church and having 45 minutes to sit.  I ended up knitting in my car for that time, which felt kind of weird!

The gun went off and a younger guy wearing a college track and field shirt took off.  Behind him was a pack that included two 50+ men, a young girl in a batman costume, and me.  Eventually I pulled ahead of that group and ran the whole race by myself, finishing 2nd.  College guy ran 16 something minutes.

While approaching the finish line, I could see the clock...18:47, 18:48.. but alas, I finished in 19:10.  It is the first time ever that my Garmin time matched the official time, so I'm getting better at using that thing!

19:10 is still a 5K PR for me so I'll take it.  The 50+ year old guy that came in 4th had an awkward conversation with me after.  Gotta love guys who can't stand getting beaten by a woman, ha ha ha.  

Overall it was a nice event - the course was on a nature preserve/park that we have here in town so it was pretty and very well organized.  I will look for it again next year!

I don't have any other races planned.  My right foot has been bothering me so getting that checked out tomorrow and will see what the running forecast is after that.

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