Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Training before the Training Week 4 Review

Goal mileage for 11/23 - 11/29: 23.6 miles
Actual mileage for 11/23 - 11/29: 9.11 miles (38.6% of goal)

Well.  Last week, from what I remember, wasn't that hot.

My stomach wasn't quite right during last week's long run on Saturday.  The feeling continued on Sunday and Monday so I didn't run those days.  Tuesday morning I woke up with some nausea, which I thought would get better once I ate something.  (I felt like I was in the early stages of pregnancy - yes, that kind of nausea.)  Due to the holiday week, I did not have my usual power yoga class on Tuesday at noon so I brought running stuff to the office to get a run in during that time.

Tuesday (11/25):  5.11 miles, 37:04 (7:16 pace)  I didn't feel great during this run but not awful.  I was more concerned about my footing because I had run on some trails near my office that were slippery in spots.

I got back to my desk post-run, ate some lunch and boom.  I had to go home. STAT.

I spent the remainder of the afterrnoon and evening and the next day under a duvet, freezing with nausea and body aches.

I started to feel marginally better on Thursday morning (my husband went down Wednesday around midnight) and I got out of the shower, went to put on body lotion and WHAM.  My back was out. (More specifically my lower back, butt and hip area on my left side.)  This made trying to pick up my almost-one year old son who weighs close to 30 lbs slightly difficult!  Luckily my aunt is a massage therapist and we had Thanksgiving at her house on Friday so she worked on it a bit.  (Gluteus medius and QL muscles, specifically.)

Saturday 11/29: 4 miles, 29:51 (7:27 pace).  I pushed myself to do this because I was literally sick of being cooped up in the house.  I was crabby.  For the good of my family, I had to run.  My back did not bother me at all while running - phew, however I still wasn't feeling 100% in the stomach arena.  Unfortunately my back is still bothering me, particularly when I change positions (e.g. sitting to standing).

So there you have it.  Not the best week for much of anything, least of all running.

Goal mileage for 11/30 - 12/6: 25.9 miles.  Wish me luck!

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