Friday, October 7, 2016

Friday Links! RUN SLOW


Love it.

Ok - First Link: Five Bad Running Habits and How To Break Them.

I'm trying to work on improving with #4 on this list: Trying to Get Faster Every Day.  I am very tuned into what pace I am running at all times.  If I have a bad mile, I often start to panic, "Oh I am so out of shape." "What is wrong with me" yadda yadda.  Even though I try to run at a recovery pace...sometimes...I don't always follow through with it.  I would see the 8 on the pace at the mile beep and sometimes freak out.

Then I read this: Are You Running Too Many Workouts in Marathon Training

Ok, I am not training for a marathon, but I do regularly read Tina Muir's blog.  The part that stood out to me in this post was her statement,

"I still run 8-9 minute pace on my easy days, and my race pace will hopefully be 5:50-6:00 per mile ish"

WOAH.  I have always thought that 7:30/7:45ish on a recovery day is slow enough for me because it doesn't feel hard (most of the time).  AND I AM NOT RUNNING A 5:50-6:00 PER MILE PACE IN A MARATHON.

Realization:  I NEED TO SLOW the EFF down.

(Her post also linked to an earlier post: 3 Ways to Make Sure You are Running Easy on your Recovery Day)

This honestly was a turning point for me.  I have been really working to be relaxed and slow on my recovery days over the past week.  Which for me means not looking at the pace, except to help me SLOW down.  

I don't know why this message finally hit home.  "Go easy on easy days" is most certainly not a NEW concept.

And because sometimes I think my computer is spying on me, look what my Runner's World Quote of the Day was today:


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  1. Thanks for the sweet words :) And YESSS! Slow down, it will work wonders, I promise!!! Thank you for the links :) Have a wonderful weekend!