Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 6 Half Marathon Training Recap

I'm having a ton of fun training for this race!  I've decided that half-marathon training is ideal for my regular schedule (provided I wake up at 5 AM).  I feel like I am pushing myself, but not overloading like marathon training.  I don't feel like I am sacrificing a ton of my "regular" life to do this.  NOW - I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that I have made a total switch of getting my runs done first thing in the morning whereas my Boston marathon training was all done in the evening.

Week 6 was a good training week.  I got all five days in - yay!   I woke up at all my alarms! I did a fairly good job of taking my recovery runs easier (aiming for 8:00 pace).  I had a good long run of ten miles where my only goal was to negative split and I did it.

According to my plan, Friday and Sunday are supposed to be my off days - with long run on Saturday.  I got off this track several weeks ago and the end result is that I have a lot of running days in a row - including both of my hard workouts.  Week 7 will give me a chance to readjust so that I have more rest before and after my long runs.

Monday - off

Tuesday - 4.26 miles 33:34 (7:53 avg pace) + 8 strides

Wednesday - off

Thursday - 1.09 mi warm up 8:44 (7:59 avg pace)

[2 miles continuous with first mile goal of ten seconds over goal pace (7:10 for me) and 2nd mile 10 seconds under goal pace (6:50 for me).  2-3 min rest, repeat.]

1st switchblade: 13:53 (6:55 average pace) - 7:06 first mile, 6:44 second
2nd switchblade: 13:42 (6:50 average pace) - 7:02 first mile, 6:37 second

1.09 mi cool down 8:15 (7:34 avg pace)

Friday - 5 miles, 39:13 (7:50 avg pace)

Saturday - 10 miles

My goal for this was to negative split while running by feel.  As typical, my first miles were slow as I settled in.

Here are my splits



Goal achieved.  1:12:04 (7:12 avg pace)

Sunday - 5 miles 38:31 (7:42 avg pace)

Week Total: 30.48 miles

<4 weeks until Race Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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