Monday, December 19, 2016

A sub-optimal week of running

Well this last week was nothing to write home about.  But, in the interest of keeping it real, I will still write what I did run.

As I mentioned, we have been having some EXTREME cold.  In addition, I have caught some chest cold virus which has not been fun.  Taking those two together, with the fact that Christmas is around the corner, and my motivation for running has been at an all-time low.

Last week was the last week of the #AMRStride plan.  Up until this week, this plan was PERFECT for me.  It gave me some accountability, which I love; it gave me interesting workouts, including some strength-based non-running things to do, which I also enjoyed and it kept me in the 20-25 mile range for weekly mileage.  I have 5 weeks until marathon training begins so I may just repeat the five weeks of the #AMRStride plan, provided the temps get back into the land of the positive. (*Must order treadmill!)

Ok.  Here goes:

Monday:   Plan called for a 30-40 minute zen run

My son had an ENT check-up and I had a meeting at church so I didn't get outside until 8:30 pm. Thus, I did the minimum to keep the runstreak alive.

1.36 miles, 10:14 (7:31 pace).

Tuesday: Plan called for 10-15 mins of hill repeats.

This was the day I attempted to run in negative temps.  I managed 4.27 miles, 31:02 (7:16 pace) along our hilly neighborhood loop.

Wednesday:  Plan called for 20 min running warm up, 2-3 rounds of strength circuit, 20 minute cool down

This was the day I gave up the run streak.  I ended up on the couch, with some wine and a book.

Thursday:  Plan called for yoga or pilates

Again, I did nothing as far as work-outs go.

Friday:  Plan called for errand on the run.

The temps were in the teens providing a brief respite from the polar freeze.  We were set to get an epic snow storm so my boss told us to go home.  This allowed me a chunk of time to get a run in before my daughter was going to be home on the bus.  Yay!

7.14 miles, 50:17 (7:03 pace)

Saturday:  Plan called for 60-90 minute run.

We were snowed in!  I was also husband-less for two days.  My only exercise was to shovel and snow blow our driveway in between snowfall.  Which I will say, I was SWEATY and tired after!

Sunday:  Rest

I followed the plan!  Temps were scary cold today AND we had our annual cookie bake.

Total mileage: 12.77 miles.  SAD.

I have 29 miles to get in before 12/31 to retire my shoes with 2016!

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  1. As much as I hate running in the heat, at least you CAN run in it instead of being snowed in or risk getting frostbite. I do not admire your chilly temps one bit!