Monday, May 14, 2018

Grandma's Marathon : Week 13 Training Recap

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Last week was stressful, but I still managed to get every workout in.  My strength workout felt extra hard, and despite having two recovery days in before doing my tempo, I could not get to tempo pace to save my life.  I am blaming that on my shitty sleep.

I rebounded nicely with my second "long" run of the plan.  I also felt good that despite my very noticeably tired legs, I was able to execute the long run nicely.

Keep showing up, folks!

Sunday, May 6
Plan Says:  Easy 7 miles

What I did:  7.05 miles, 55:10 (7:49 avg pace)

Monday, May 7
Plan Says: 3 x 2 mile, with 800 meter recovery in between and 1 mile warm up and cool down

What I did:  I was up early on Monday morning to get this workout done.  It honestly felt so hard.  I chalked it up to being tired from walking around Madison (in addition to getting my runs in) the previous weekend.

1.0 mile warm up, 8:50

1.  2 miles, 13:34 (6:45 avg pace) / recovery: 0.50 miles,  4:31 (9:03 avg pace)
2.  2 miles, 13:10 (6:34 avg pace) / recovery: 0.56 miles,  4:51 (8:43 avg pace)
3.  2 miles, 13:24 (6:42 avg pace) /

1.51 mile cool down, 12:57 (8:33 avg pace)

Tuesday, May 8
Plan Says: Off

What I did: Off

Wednesday, May 9
Plan Says: 9 mile tempo, 1 mile warm up and cool down

What I did:  Off
We are in the midst of a lot of change at work - new boss, packing up our office for a move across town to a new office and it is stressing me out.  When I am stressed, insomnia sets in.  I spent 4 early morning hours tossing and turning, reading, and trying to sleep.  I fell asleep minutes before my alarm was supposed to go off in order to get this tempo run in and I don't remember shutting it off.  Unfortunately, the next available time I was going to be able to get this in was after kids were in bed and it ended up being a late bedtime because of the spring first grade music concert and then I had to make lunch for teachers for teacher appreciation week.

What you should glean from this slightly spastic paragraph is that I had one chance to get a run in on Wednesday and I blew it.

Thursday, May 10
Plan Says: easy 6 miles

What I did: Ok, so Thursday morning's alarm went off EARLY so i could get the tempo run in.  I woke up with a splitting headache and stumbled out of bed.  I did not think to pop some Advil or Tylenol for my headache because I was getting dressed while half asleep.  I started chugging the Gen UCan I had prepared the night before, grabbed my two bottles of Nuun that I also prepped the night before and got outside.  I was greeted with a wash of humidity.

I trudged through the mile warm up in 9:11 and then started to pick it up.  It was a struggle and my mindset was not strong to hold on.  Honestly everything was annoying the heck out of me.  My first mile came in at 7:23 and I tried to rally for the second mile and really gave up around the 1.5 mile mark.  My focus was no longer on pace but just trying to get as many miles in before I had to get ready for work and a staff meeting.  I ended up with 8 more miles, at an average pace of 7:38.

I headed back out after my kids were in bed to get the actual Thursday workout in.  6.1 miles, 50:47 (8:19 avg).

Thursday total: 15.24 miles

Friday, May 11
Plan Says: easy 6 miles

What I did:  I was two miles behind for the week given that my tempo workout total should have been 11 miles, so I tacked on the two miles to this run, which ended in a downpour.

8.5 miles, 1:07:14 (7:54 avg)

Saturday, May 12
Plan says: long 16 miles

What I did:  My husband wanted to take the kids shopping for Mother's Day presents so I was able to run in early afternoon.  The temperature and conditions were almost perfect for a run.  My legs were noticeably tired so I did some warm-up work with my CTM band before heading out.  This totally saved me and after a while, I felt like I was in a great groove.  I also headed out on the Bugline Trail which was vibrantly green and beautiful.

My second (of three) 16-miler was great.  Phew.

16 miles, 2:03:30 (7:43 avg pace)
Mile splits: 7:51 / 7:39 / 7:55 / 7:48 / 7:47 / 7:47 / 7:39 / 7:42 / 7:59 / 7:48 / 7:25 / 7:41 / 7:30 / 7:51 / 7:43 / 7:24

Weekly Total
Plan says: 56 miles
What I did: 56.37 miles - which is my new weekly mileage record!

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