Monday, July 16, 2018

Last Week of Recovery Running!

My marathon recovery is now over and I'm back at training.  Training for two marathons in a calendar year seemed crazy when I decided to do it, and now that I am actually training again, it seems crazier.  But, we'll see how it goes. 

My last recovery week went well.  I found it fairly easy to get out of bed early (5:00 AM) to get these done, with the exception of Friday morning.  I was doing very well with my yoga streak until this past weekend when I didn't do any yoga on Saturday or Sunday. 

My entire recovery period (one month) totaled 59.89 miles of easy running.  I don't really have any "niggles" so I'm hoping the ramp up into marathon training goes well.  I still am not doing well in the sleep department.  My bedtime slowly crept to the 10 PM time and I have not been great about getting it back to 9 PM.

I listened to a great podcast on my weekend runs (Saturday and Sunday) that really set me up for a new training segment - Rich Roll interviews Chris Hauth in Coach's Corner. I am a newbie to Rich Roll even though his name has come up in numerous things.  His recent interview with Des Linden is what got me to finally add him to my podcast list.  Have you listened to him before?  I definitely already have a crush on him, which I'm sure I'm not the only one, ha ha ha.

Here is my review of my last week of recovery running.   My marathon training started yesterday, July 15!

Monday July 9
Plan says: 35 minutes easy running

What I did: 4.25 miles, 35:14 (8:17 avg pace) plus JasYoga 5 minute hamstring reset

Tuesday July 10
Plan says: Off

What I did: JasYoga Calf Pumps

Wednesday July 11
Plan says: 40 minutes easy running

What I did: 5.25 miles, 43:19 (8:15 average pace), JasYoga Stephanie Howe Violett Hip Reset

Thursday July 12
Plan says: 50 minutes easy running

What I did: 6.20 miles, 50:27 (8:08 avg pace) plus one-hour Family Yoga at Church

Friday July 13
Plan says: 50 minutes easy running

What I did: I slept in and then had 30 minutes to get a run in during the 97 degree afternoon.  Yeah.  It wasn't fun.  I managed 3.3 miles, 26:12 (7:57 avg pace) plus JasYoga Quick Hip Reset

Saturday July 14
Plan says: 60 minutes easy running

What I did: 7.65 miles, 1:00:01 (7:51 avg pace).  NO YOGA.  I broke my streak. 


  1. Nice week. And holy cow- you ran in 97 degrees. That must have been tough! Excited to see you start training again. You will crush it in the fall.

    1. It was NOT pleasant. But good for me to get some heat training since most of the time the early morning isn't too bad :)

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