Monday, August 6, 2018

Madison Marathon Training: Week 3 Recap

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I am starting to recall why I typically only do spring marathons.  I am having a hard time managing life right now.  The good thing is that I can see a light at the end of the tunnel.  If you follow enough self-help podcasts and social media accounts, you will know that you can't be going full force in every area of your life for long periods of time.  Right now,  work/career is needing a lot more attention and thus, I have had to make some adjustments with running.  Because, guess what. Work pays my bills.  Running does not.  

All that to say I missed another workout in week 3; however, I am 100% sure skipping the miles was the right decision for my physical health and my sanity.  I started week 3 with a sore hamstring.  I think I did a decent job managing my level of freak-out-about-it-ness and I also think that cutting one of my runs helped with that as it is feeling pretty good a week later.

Shall we recap?

Sunday July 29
Plan says: Easy 6 miles

What I did:  6.0 miles, 51:42 (8:36 avg pace).

Monday July 30
Plan says: 8 x 600m with 1.5 mile warm up and cool down and 400 m jog in between

What I did:  The big news of this workout is that I successfully figured out how to program my Garmin Vivoactive with a "workout" so that I could successfully get my data out of my watch.  Typically when I have interval workouts, I just stop and save every interval and restart my watch for the next one.  This was my first experience with a watch "workout".  The watch basically counts down your mileage and vibrates and starts the timer for your next interval - so it is a continuous loop.  You therefore have to pay attention to the vibrations and make sure you start your accelerations appropriately.  I didn't realize this so my first 600m (or 0.37 miles) was slow. 

I also didn't take the time to look up what my 600m repeats should be and I mistakenly calculated them to be at 2:08 instead of 2:18.  This led me to believe that I was really slow on every single one and was not very motivating.  It turns out, with exception of the first 600, I was ahead of pace on every one.  Also, the continuous workout timer shows my true recovery pace, which is much slower than the recovery paces I get when I do start/stop with every interval because I definitely take a few recovery breaths, stopped, at the end of the interval.  The recovery pace plummets when those recovery breaths at a standstill are factored into the avg pace!

1.5 mile warm up:  13:27 (8:58 avg pace)

1 - 0.37 mile (600 meter) 2:24 (6:30 avg pace) / 0.25 mile recovery 2:25 (9:43 avg pace)
1 - 0.37 mile (600 meter) 2:13 (6:01 avg pace) / 0.25 mile recovery 2:45 (11:03 avg pace)
1 - 0.37 mile (600 meter) 2:11 (5:55 avg pace) / 0.25 mile recovery 2:27 (9:52 avg pace)
1 - 0.37 mile (600 meter) 2:11 (5:55 avg pace) / 0.25 mile recovery 2:53 (11:33 avg pace)
1 - 0.37 mile (600 meter) 2:10 (5:53 avg pace) / 0.25 mile recovery 2:31 (10:05 avg pace)
1 - 0.37 mile (600 meter) 2:14 (6:04 avg pace) / 0.25 mile recovery 3:05 (12:12 avg pace)
1 - 0.37 mile (600 meter) 2:10 (5:53 avg pace) / 0.25 mile recovery 2:46 (11:05 avg pace)
1 - 0.37 mile (600 meter) 2:15 (6:05 avg pace) / 0.25 mile recovery 2:52 (11:31 avg pace)

1.5 mile cool down: 13:37 (9:01 avg pace)

Tuesday July 31
Plan says: Off

What I did:  I did two JasYoga hamstring focused videos because it was really bothering me. 

Wednesday Aug 1
Plan says: 6 mile tempo run with 1.5 mile warm up and cool down

What I did:  Tempo runs are back!  And so is my anxiety about them.  This was not great.  My hamstring was bothering me and I had snot and phlegm all over the place.  I made several stops during the tempo to clear my nose and throat.

1.5 mile warm up 13:00 (8:39 avg pace)
6 mile tempo (6:53 avg pace)
1.5 mile cool down (8:42 avg pace)

Thursday Aug 2
Plan says: easy paced 7 miles

What I did: I was dragging.  I finally slept through the night on Wednesday night and thus, did not get up early to do this.  I had enough time to get in 5.35 miles after work, and I had to work for every bit of that.

5.35 miles, 43:27 (8:07 avg pace)

Friday July 27
Plan says: easy paced 6 miles

What I did: 0 miles.  Friday was the start of a busy 3 days for us and because I missed my early morning alarm, there was no window of time to run. 

Saturday July 28
Plan says: 10 mile long run

What I did:  I had to get my butt out of bed early on Saturday to get this done or it was not going to happen, which again borrowed from the sleep bank.  I had to stay up late Friday night to get some work done so I missed by bedtime by 2 hours. 

I again really felt like I was dragging during the first half of this run, which was largely driven by the fact that I was having some GI issues.  The park bathrooms were not open so I ducked into a gas station at the 5 mile mark and after that pit stop, I felt a lot better. 

I encountered lots of wildlife on this run, which is always fun.  Two deer, a fox, a blue heron, and loads of squirrels and rabbits!

10.25 miles, 1:25:53 (8:23 avg pace)

Plan Total: 46 miles

What I did: 38.58 miles

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