Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Madison Marathon Training: Week 4 Recap

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Last week ended up being a good week.  I hit the mileage for the plan and had a good tempo run.  I struggled with the 800s, which was a bit of a hit for me since typically I really enjoy 800s and find them easy.  That workout was a ride on the struggle bus!  It may have been the weather and it also may have been the crazy weekend that we were coming off of.  

I felt that I was better about getting to bed by 9:30 last week and it wasn't too difficult to get out of bed to get the workouts done.  

Sunday Aug 5
Plan says:  Rest

What I did:  0 miles.  We had a very busy weekend going from thing to thing to thing all day so I took the day as a rest day instead of my usual Tuesday.

Monday Aug 6
Plan says:  6 easy miles

What I did:  6 miles, 48:39 (8:06 avg pace)

Tuesday Aug 7
Plan says: 6 x 800m with 1.5 mile warm up and cool down and 400 m jog in between

What I did:  Again, I programmed a workout into my watch and this time I set a pace window of 6:00 - 6:05 for my 800s.  I hated this feature, mostly because I was having a hard time staying in the pace window.  I felt like a slug.  I'm sure the humidity played a role, but really felt that it was not just the weather.

1.5 mile warm up:  13:49 (9:13 avg pace)

1 - 0.50 mile 3:11 (6:22 avg pace) / 0.25 mile recovery 2:24 (9:39 avg pace)
2 - 0.50 mile 3:04 (6:10 avg pace) / 0.25 mile recovery 2:50 (11:20 avg pace)
3 - 0.50 mile 3:05 (6:10 avg pace) / 0.25 mile recovery 3:00 (12:00 avg pace)
4 - 0.50 mile 3:08 (6:18 avg pace) / 0.25 mile recovery 3:06 (12:26 avg pace)
5 - 0.50 mile 3:08 (6:16 avg pace) / 0.25 mile recovery 2:53 (11:33 avg pace)
6 - 0.50 mile 3:06 (6:13 avg pace) / 0.25 mile recovery 2:53 (11:32 avg pace)

1.5 mile cool down: 13:44 (9:10 avg pace)

Wednesday Aug 8
Plan says:  easy paced 6 miles

What I did: 6 miles, 52:00 (8:39)

Thursday Aug 9
Plan says: 6 mile tempo run with 1.5 mile warm up and cool down

What I did:  This tempo felt a lot better than last week's, thankfully.  I had to cut the cool down a little short because I was already "running" late for work.

1.5 mile warm up 13:30 (8:59 avg pace)
6 mile tempo (6:47 avg pace)
1.3 mile cool down 11:10 (8:34 avg pace)

Friday Aug 10
Plan says: easy paced 8 miles

What I did: 8 miles, 1:07:50 (8:28 avg pace)

Saturday Aug 11
Plan says: 8 mile long run

What I did:  Even though I was hitting all the workout distances, I was coming up short for the total miles for the week so I figured out that I had to run 8.68 miles to get an even 45 miles for the week.

8.7 miles, 1:08:01 (7:49 avg pace)

Plan Total: 45 miles
What I did: 45 miles!


  1. That's a really solid week. Those times are really fast and I know you are going to rock this race.

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