Wednesday, December 5, 2018

November Update

Wow, it's December already.  How many times have you heard that line this week?!

I ended November with 111 miles, which I was pleased with, and a fractured rib, which I was not pleased with.  First the mileage: After my marathon, I took 10 days off running.  I started running easy paced miles the day before Thanksgiving with the goal of logging about 20 miles/week for the rest of the month.  I came up short as both weeks landed around 17 miles/week.  My legs felt good.  I felt way better after this marathon than I did after Grandma's.  I took two weeks completely off after Grandma's and felt like junk for a few more weeks after that.  After Madison, my left hamstring was feeling a little tight still so I took advantage of a discounted offer for physical therapy in my Madison Marathon race bag and made an appointment in December.

I discussed 2019 plans with my friend Eric and had a draft race plan for next year all ready to go, which included a spring marathon.  I was excited to get going with training again!

So the rib.  I was one of twenty people selected by BibRave to attend The Running Event Influencer Day in Austin, TX at the end of November (more on that to come in future posts).  While in Austin, I used motorized scooters to get around.  After an early morning group run last Friday, I hopped on a Bird scooter and realized that the go button was broken while riding.  Instead of being smart and just getting off, I kept riding since I was super close to my hotel (and running late).  Unfortunately, I had to make the decision to hit a guy or take a curb because I couldn't get the scooter to stop and I went flying off.  I landed on my left side, which was sore for the remainder of the day.

I got through the weekend, including a short treadmill run on Saturday night, but by Sunday night I was in a lot of pain and feeling nauseous.  I also really had had no appetite all weekend.  My SIL, a nurse-practitioner, thought I should get it checked out so I called my primary care doctor Monday morning.  They didn't have any available appointments and sent me to the ED for imaging.  I was concerned that there was something wrong with my spleen. My spleen is fine - but my 10th rib is not.  "Nondisplaced fracture of the left lateral 10th rib."  Fun times.

The good news is that my pain is manageable.  I have ran both days since getting the diagnosis.  I will have to take it easy on runs for the next few weeks, but am hoping to make a quick recovery and jump back into marathon training!  Let me know if you have any experience running with an injured rib!  I have heard that KT tape helps so going to try that too!

My goals for December are to continue with the Fellow Flowers Holiday Challenge, which calls for 30 minutes of activity every day from Thanksgiving to New Years Day.  So far so good on that one.  I also am trying to do the TW Training and Wellness December Strength Training for Runners videos.  I did the first one focused on glutes yesterday and got my ass handed to me, pun intended.  I know that I have weak areas in my body and hoping to start 2019 on a strong note and incorporate strength training into my routine.


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