Friday, December 28, 2018

TRE Swag Bag Contents Part 2: Accessories to the Run!

Disclaimer: I received a travel stipend and a swag bag of goodies from BrooksAltraVoorayHandfulCEP CompressionNuunAddadayArcanumVuoriIncrediwear, and Zwift to attend The Running Event for TRE Influencer Day in Austin, TX on November 29-30.

It's my last blog post about The Running Event (TRE).  Last but not least, I'm reviewing the products that I am calling "accessories to the run" that were in my swag bag.

1. Addaday Type C Roller

The Addaday massage roller was designed to provide medium intensity and access hard to reach places.  I have started rolling this along my quads and hamstrings in the morning before runs to wake them up a bit.  I like that I can get in my gluteus and hip muscles (my problem areas) with this tool, which is something I cannot do as easily with a traditional foam roller.  It is also easy to grab and roll while watching TV.

The Addaday booth at TRE was a little oasis.  All of the Addaday massage products were available to test and they announced their new product, Addaday Recovery Tea, sourced from Taiwan.  The tea has a mild, pleasant flavor.

2. Nuun Hydration

We were lucky to get a variety of Nuun products in our bag including
Nuun Vitamins, great for everyday hydration at any time;
Nuun Immunity, great for everyday hydration at any time and immunity-boosting;
Nuun Electrolytes, great for replacing electrolytes while exercising;
Nuun Energy Electrolytes, great for replacing electrolytes while exercising with the added benefit of caffeine;
and a Nuun-branded Specialized water bottle.

I don't know if you have ever had a Nuun water bottle, but they are my favorite for using on the run when I do my neighborhood loops.  I keep it on my mail box and grab on the run for hydration on-the-run.  I have used Nuun for years and they are among my favorite hydration products so I was happy to add to my stockpile for training for my next marathon.

I like to vary how I use Nuun.  I drink it cold and warm (like tea), still (adding plain tap water) and sparkling (combining it with both flavored and unflavored sparkling waters).  There are so many flavors that it is impossible to get bored with this product.  My favorites are anything citrus and grape.

The Nuun booth at TRE was fun and had a bunch of Nuun mixed up for us to try.  They also gave us a bunch of single serve tabs which are great for race day bags!

3. Arcanum Products

We were given three products at TRE made by Arcanum:  

This is an activated hemp product designed to deliver cannabinoids to your body more quickly and efficiently.  The woman at the Arcanum booth told us that she uses this product as a facial moisturizer to combat her eczema.  I have really dry skin, particularly in winter, so I gave it a whirl and love it!

This product uses activated hemp, arnica, menthol, chamomile, lavender and rosemary essential oils to provide cooling muscle relief.  I have used this on my sore hamstring to help me fall asleep on nights when it is bothering me.

The Quill delivers precise 2 mg doses of activated hemp using an innovative pen design. This product is easy to use.  The woman in the Arcanum booth said that this product can help with sleep so I have been using one dose on my forearm every night before bed to help me sleep as I sometimes struggle with not sleeping through the night.  I have slept really well in the past month with fewer sleepless nights!

I am sure you have seen all of those cute Vooray bags all over social media.  Their booth was no different - all the cute styles and patterns.  The BibRave Pros were going crazy.  We were given a Vooray Ace Backpack in black - this was the "bag" of our swag bag.  This is the perfect size backpack for me.  I use it to go to swim lessons with my kids, take a change of clothes for the office and for library books.  I like its sleek, no frills design.  The backpacks are affordable as well - $39.99.

While at TRE, the Vooray representatives told us about a new product they will be releasing shortly - a bike commuter bag which is similar to their cinch backpack but with a really cool shoe pouch.  Watch for it!  They also gave us a bonus fanny pack while we were at their booth!   It is a nice size that accommodates my phone so I can take it along on runs, hikes, bike rides.

So that is it!  The Running Event was one of my favorite running-related experiences in 2018.  I feel very fortunate that I was able to attend AND for all of the stuff I got!  The only bad thing about the swag bag was that my family didn't feel the need to get me anymore running stuff for Christmas, ha ha ha.

Have you had any experience with Addaday, Nuun, Arcanum or Vooray?

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