Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Marathon Training Week 6 Review

Remember last week at this time when I said I was waiting for this to get easier?

Well last week did NOT get easier.   Quite the opposite.

Lots of things happened in our lives last week, most importantly the death of my husband's grandfather which was emotionally very draining.  My daughter kept us awake many nights with a hacking cough and the combination of emotion and lack of sleep proved to be a thorn in my running side this week.

Monday 2/2
Plan says: OPTIONAL Easy 4-5 miles 

What I do:  Rest.  Nate had a late meeting so I wasn't about to start doing the optional work out.

Tuesday 2/3
Plan says: 10 minutes of Warm Up followed by 4 mile tempo run.  10 minute cool down.

What I do:  We found out about the passing of my husband's grandfather first thing this morning so I did not go to work and thus did not do power yoga as usual for Tuesday.  I did get to the gym late Tuesday night.

10 minute warm up at 7.7 mph (7:47)
4 mile tempo 1 mile at 8.4 mph (7:09), 2.5 miles at 8.5 mph (7:04) and 0.5 miles at 8.6 mph (6:59)
10 minute cool down at 7.7 mph (7:47)

Total: 6.6 miles, 48:36

Wednesday 2/4
Plan says: Rest or cross-train

What I do: Rest

Thursday 2/5
Plan says: Easy 8 miles

What I do: Unfortunately I had to do 8 miles on a treadmill, but I listed to The Moth podcast which helped.  I really wanted to do this EASY and slow, which I struggled with because I wanted to get it over with.

3 miles at 7:53 pace
5 miles at 7:47 pace

Total: 8 miles, 62:49

Friday 2/6
Plan says: Easy 3 miles

What I do: We refinanced our home and then visited with out-of-town family that were here for the funeral and thus, no miles.

Saturday 2/7
Plan says: 18 miles

What I do: BONKED.  Big time.

Every fiber of my being was not into running.  I delayed the start of getting out the door by several hours and then when I finally was out there, I could not get my legs to turn over.  I REALLY struggled mentally.  After a soaked sock from scaling a snow drift at mile 2 and a few slips on ice throughout, I headed back home.

Mile 1: 7:33
Mile 2: 7:26
Mile 3: 7:52
Mile 4: 7:33
Mile 5: 7:39
Mile 6: 7:42
Mile 7: 7:42
Mile 8: 7:30
Mile 9: 7:21

Total: 9 miles, 1:08:21 (7:35 avg pace)

I had a massage Saturday afternoon which was a real treat.  My therapist was very knowledable and a runner herself so I felt a little better after that.  I still struggle with LONG runs.  I easily venture into "why the hell am I even wanting to run another marathon" territory.

Sunday 2/8
Plan says:  Rest

What I do:  Rest.  Funeral was this day.

Week 6 Total Mileage: 23.61
Completed 2.5 of the 4 mandatory workouts.

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