Monday, February 16, 2015

Marathon Training Week 7 Review

This week was a little all over the place as I switched around the workouts to different days.  Overall I felt like it was a decent week.  I was still very tired so I cut out one of the interval workouts.   I am struggling with marathon hating right now.  I've never been a runner who is in love with the marathon.  Training is hard and really exhausting.  (DUH.) Outside of training, I've had to dedicate a lot of emotional energy and brain power to other situations which has been difficult to also muster up energy to do the workouts. (I know this is vague.  I promise more details will emerge in the coming weeks!!)

In the meantime, I'll keep chugging along!

Here's last week's running recap:

Monday 2/9
Plan says: Fun Workout ((as defined by two pages in the book including sledding, cross-country skiing, relay races, shooting baskets, etc)

What I do:  I had off work so I took advantage of the time and the beautiful sunny day to get one of the more time consuming workouts done for the week so I did the negative split 10 miler that the plan called for on Tuesday.  It felt great to be outside.

First 5 miles: 7:22 average pace 36:55 total time
Last 5 miles: 6:58 average pace 34:56 total time

Total: 10 miles, 1:11:51 (7:11 average pace)

I felt really great doing this workout so it was a bit of a confidence boost!

Tuesday 2/10
Plan says: Negative split 10 miles, running the second 5 miles faster than the first

What I do:  cross train: 1 hour power yoga

Wednesday 2/11
Plan says: Rest or cross-train

What I do: Treadmill workout.  Planned to do Thursday's speed workout but after the warm up period on the treadmill, I was tired and had some GI issues so I finished enough to cross Friday's optional workout off the list.

Total: 3.6 miles, 27:48 (7:43 pace)

Thursday 2/12
Plan says: 6 miles total as a 10 minute warm up, 6 x 4 minutes in Zone 3 with 3 minute recovery after each, 10 minute cool down

What I do: I skipped this workout this week.

Friday 2/13
Plan says: OPTIONAL Easy 3 miles

What I do: Monday's fun workout - which ended up being a dance party with the kids, which basically entailed holding my 30 lb son while my 4 yo daughter tried to dance with us both.  Their favorite move required me to backpedal quickly while holding on to both.  over. and. over. again.

Saturday 2/14
Plan says: 20 miles

What I do:  I was excited about getting outside for the long run on Saturday, until we went outside to get groceries and the bitter bitter cold made us all tear up. Sunday's weather did not look much better so after the kids were in bed, I headed to the gym to see if I could get at least 16 miles in on a treadmill.  The longest distance I had previously run on a treadmill was around 8 miles.  I downloaded a few podcasts, and my husband wished me luck before I left to get to the gym.

I ended up doing 17.13!  ON A TREADMILL.  The first hour was the worst.  I started fueling early (at 30 minutes) out of boredom.  I tried the Gu Chomps for the first time and liked them for the long run on a treadmill purpose but outside i will probably stick with the Gu Energy Gels.  I ate a Gu Chomp chew at 30 minutes and then every 15 minutes until I was done.  This broke up the time really well.  I listened to these podcasts:

This American Life: Cops See It Differently Part 1
The end of The Moth: Cartoons, CleanUps and Close Calls
The entire The Moth: Wigs, Wigouts and Insurance
The beginning of The Moth:  Rattlesnakes, Wedding Rings and Rescue Missions

Because it was a Saturday night, there were tons of treadmills available so I didn't feel bad about breaking the 60 minute treadmill rule.  The one nice thing about doing the treadmill is that I forced myself to run slower than I do outside.

My right shin started hurting near the end which makes me nervous.

First hour: 7.47 miles - kept pace constant at 8:00 min/miles, varied the incline with every mile
Second hour: 7.56 miles - varied the pace between 7:47 and 8:00 miles, also varied the incline
Final 16:50: 2.1 miles - followed same pace and incline variations as above

Total: 2:16:50, 17.13 miles.

Went through one pack of Gu chews and 2 16 oz bottles of water.

I got home around 10 PM.  Usually running at night doesn't impact my ability to sleep but this definitely messed with me.  I had a difficult time falling asleep and then my 4 yo woke up around 12:30 wanting a drink so then I was up until 2 AM and the kids were up at 5.

Sunday 2/15
Plan says:  Rest

What I do:  Rest. I was really tired after Saturday's workout combined with Saturday night's lack of sleep.

Week 7 Total Mileage: 30.75
Completed 3 of the 4 mandatory workouts, 1 hour yoga and 1 optional workout.

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