Monday, February 2, 2015

Marathon Training Week 5 Review

Last week I got it done, but it wasn't easy.  (I'm under the false impression that one of these weeks it WILL be easy, ha!) Unfortunately we were on week 2 of sick kids which meant that I was sharing my sleeping space with a 4 year old who was hell bent on hacking up a lung all night and NOT sleeping.  I am ready to check myself into a hotel to get a full night of sleep!  This week also threw a sore throat at me, but that hasn't progressed into anything...yet!


I was at the treadmill for 3 of the 4 workouts this week which is what it is.  Yes, I would prefer to be outside but I also wasn't willing to risk slipping on ice after dark.  Given the blizzard we had yesterday, it looks like most of my upcoming week will be on the treadmill as well.  Thank goodness for all of the podcast recommendations I got via Facebook!

Monday 1/26
Plan says: Easy 4-5 miles followed by 8 stride outs

What I do:  4 miles at 7.5 mph (8:00) pace followed by 8 stride outs and 8 recovery periods.  Each stride out was 30 seconds long at 8.5 mph (7:04) pace.  Each recovery period was also 30 seconds long at 7.5 mph (8:00).

Total: 5.07 miles, 40:00.

Tuesday 1/27
Plan says: Negative split 5 miles (2 miles at pace 1, 2 miles at faster pace, 1 mile at faster pace)

What I do:  1 hour power yoga class at lunch.

2 miles at 7.7 mph pace (7:48)
2 miles at 8.0 mph pace (7:30)
1 mile at 8.3 mph pace (7:14)

Total: 5 miles, 37:55

Wednesday 1/28
Plan says: Rest or cross-train

What I do: Rest (my cross-train is always yoga, which happens on Tuesdays at noon)

Thursday 1/29
Plan says: 7-8 hilly miles as 10 min warm up, 6 x 3:30 in Zone 3/Zone 4, recovery as needed, 10 min cool down

What I do: Last time (Thursday of Week 2) I had this workout, I didn't do much of a recovery in between each interval so I did not get to the total mileage.  This time, I figured out how much of a recovery I needed to do to hit 7 miles before hitting the treadmill.

10 min warmup at 8.0 mph pace (7:30) (0.5-1% incline)

6 x 3:30 at 8.3 mph pace (7:14) at 1%, 2%, 3%, 2%, 3%, 2% inclines
2:00 recovery in between each interval at 8.0 mph

10 min cool down at 8.0 mph pace (0.5 - 1% incline)

Total: 7.16 miles, 53:00

Friday 1/30
Plan says: OPTIONAL 3-4 miles

What I do: I totally wanted to do this...but had zero sleep on Thursday so I opted for the rest instead.

Saturday 1/31
Plan says: 16 miles with the middle 6 run at race pace

What I do: Well I tried to do this fast and it bit me in the ass.  Instead of doing the middle 6 at RP (7:30) I wanted to do the middle 6 at 7:15-7:20, since my long runs have been in the 7:20 range.  I was proud of my fairly consistent pacing for the first 5 miles, but it should have been slower and my mid 6 was all over the place, which left my last 5 HURTING.

Regardless, I do like these chunk runs as the strategy of breaking the long run into different "chunks" works well for me mentally.  I focus on the first chunk, then the next, etc instead of thinking about the entire length the whole time.

Mile 1: 7:32
Mile 2: 7:33
Mile 3: 7:29
Mile 4: 7:27
Mile 5: 7:27

Mile 6: 7:15
Mile 7: 7:12
Mile 8: 7:29
Mile 9: 7:26
Mile 10: 6:51*
Mile 11: 6:50*
(ate a Gu)
*what the hell was this?

Mile 12: 7:39
Mile 13: 7:54**
Mile 14: 7:56**
Mile 15: 7:31
Mile 16: 7:34
**payback for Miles 10-11 is a bitch!

(16 oz water consumed throughout)
Total: 16.02 miles, 1:59:14 (7:27 avg pace)

Sunday 2/1
Plan says:  Rest

What I do:  Take a nap and consume large amounts of chorizo cheese fondue.

HURRAY! I made it through the first 5 weeks of marathon training and made it through JANUARY IN WISCONSIN!!!!!!!!!!!  It's all downhill from here. Or not...considering we had a blizzard the first day of February :)

Week 5 Total Mileage: 33.25
Completed 4 of the 4 mandatory workouts plus an hour of power yoga.

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