Thursday, January 29, 2015

4.5 weeks down...

It is hard to believe that I am 4.5 weeks into a 18-week marathon training plan, but so it is.  (This also means that race day is in 13.5 weeks!)

I originally planned on trying the training plan I am using for a month and then evaluating, so the time has come.

Outside of last week when extenuating circumstances (i.e., vomit) cause me to miss workouts, so far, the plan has served me well.  I feel like it is challenging, but not impossible.  Thank goodness January is coming to a close.  All things considered, the weather hasn't been too brutal (knock on wood) and we didn't have too much going on that I had to work around.  February will be a different story!  I have an overnight spa getaway with some girlfriends, a birthday and an 8 day family vacation in Florida to work around.  Thankfully my BIL has already scoped out running paths for me while I am in FL.

February also features the first 20 miler of the plan!  EEK!  My stomach is already in knots thinking about it.  This is why my practice of only knowing my workouts for the week is good.  I copy down the workouts off of the Train Like a Mother plan on my Ipad into my Believe training journal on Sunday nights and attempt to plan when I will do them for the week.  I very rarely peek ahead to see what the next week will bring so that I don't get too nervous!  One week at a time!  I try to dial this down to the day off - like only worrying about getting in the workout of the day down, but my mind always does wander to the big long run - which is usually the workout that makes me most nervous.

Thanks for reading! I get excited when I know people are following along and I have to say just writing this all down has made me feel more accountable to the plan and getting workouts done!



  1. Planning, consistency, and being okay with little hiccups here and there...sounds like you're on track, lady!