Monday, January 26, 2015

Marathon Training Week 4 Review

Well shit hit the fan this week and my running reflected it!

Monday 1/19
Plan says: OPTIONAL Easy 4-5 miles

What I do:  I had a 10 hour workday followed by an evening meeting at church.  I did not run, save for some kiddo chasing around the house.

Tuesday 1/20
Plan says: 1-2 mile warm up, 2 x 2 mile tempo runs with 0.25 miles recovery in between, 1-2 mile cool down

What I do:  1 hour power yoga class at lunch.

Above workout, outside, in the dark (with my knucklelights!) as follows:

1 mile warm up at 7:33 pace
2 miles tempo - 6:52, 6:46 pace
0.25 mi recovery - 8:07 pace
2 miles tempo - 6:35, 6:35 pace
1.25 mi recovery - 7:42 pace

Total: 6.56 miles, 46:33

Wednesday 1/21
Plan says: Rest or cross-train

What I do: Rest

Thursday 1/22
Plan says: Easy 6-7 miles

What I do: 0 miles.  I was exhausted after work so I laid on the couch after kids were in bed.  Went to bed early and woke up around 1 AM and started the puke fest.  Food poisoning? Stomach virus? who knows

Friday 1/23
Plan says: 4 easy miles

What I do:  0 miles. Laid on the couch with my sick 13 month old on top of me.  We were a pair!  No running.

Saturday 1/24
Plan says: 13 miles, finishing the last 15 minutes strong

What I do: Another 0 miles.  My stomach didn't feel great but it wasn't awful.  We had tickets for one of the MKE food tours so I went to that, came home and crashed.

Sunday 1/25
Plan says:  Rest

What I do:  Attempted to do one of the three workouts I missed.  I did 7 miles, 51:32 (7:22 pace).  It should have been easier than it was but all things considered, I'll take it.

Week 4 Total Mileage: 13.56
Completed 2 of the 4 mandatory workouts plus an hour of power yoga.

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  1. I would say all things considered, I am impressed with how much you did given how you were feeling!