Sunday, January 4, 2015

Marathon Training Week 1 Review

Unlike my TBT period, I am not trying to hit a certain mileage point each week, but rather, do the four necessary workouts that are prescribed by my plan.  Bonus if I get the 5th optional one accomplished.

Of course the first week I was hit with a bunch of roadblocks, some out of my control, and some completely my own fault.  Our mild WI weather turned into freezing cold temps.  My sore throat that I have had for a few weeks ramped up.  I had to take both kids to the doctor for ear checks.  I forgot my sports bra at work, I had a little too much fun New Year's Eve....

I thought I would detail a little bit more than the straight up facts with my marathon recaps.

Sunday 12/28
Plan says: Rest

What I do: Rest

Monday 12/29
Plan says: Easy 4-5 miles

What I do: Try my hardest to slow down my pace even though I want to speed up to get this thing over with because it is SO COLD outside.  It is 7 PM, my kids are in bed, it is cold, dark and I'm running boring laps around my neighborhood, wiping snot from my face.  In the end, I ran 4.48 miles in 34:28.9 (7:42 pace).  Check!

Tuesday 12/30
Plan says: 1-2 mile warm up. 2 x 1.5 miles at tempo pace with 0.25 mile recovery after eacy. 1-2 mile cool down. (5.5 - 7.5 miles total)

What I do: It was another cold day so I packed up my stuff to run mid-day at my office so at least I have sunshine.  In the process of getting dressed, I realized that I forgot to pack a sports bra.  I jog and jump around my office to see if my regular bra can hack it.  Alas, my post-breastfeeding-2-babies-boobs are not quite small enough to venture out sans sports bra.  Ok.  Regroup.  Will run laps around the neighborhood after kids are in bed.

Except.  I get a call from daycare that my oldest child's ear hurts.  Call doctor and get her in at 6:45 pm.  (Bedtime is 7).  Then remember that I was supposed to schedule an appointment to get #2's ear rechecked as he just finished antibiotics for an ear infection so haul everyone up to doctor's office.  Kids are in bed by 7:45.  It is super cold by this point and very dark so I regretfully make the decision to do my workout indoors.  Pack back in the car to head to the Y and finish my workout by 9 PM. SO.TIRED.  (P.S.  Why do I run so much slower on a treadmill? This workout was hard for me!)

1 mile warm up (at 8:00 pace).
1.5 miles at 1% incline and 7:30 pace (not my tempo pace, BTW)
0.25 mile recovery at 8:00 pace
1.5 miles at 1% incline and 7:30 pace
1.25 mile recovery and cool down at 8:00 pace
Total: 5.5 miles


Wednesday 12/31
Plan says: Rest

What I do: Rest. And party. Too much. (Honesty, right?!)

Thursday 1/1
Plan says:  10 minute warm up. 2 minutes running in Zone 4 (Zone 5 is a sprint) followed by 2 minute recovery.  Repeat.  4 minutes running in Zone 3 followed by 2 minutes of recovery.  Repeat. 10 minute cool down.

What I do: I considered bailing on this as I was not in great shape after NYE.  Maybe it was all of the inspiration pouring through my Instagram account, but after the kids were in bed, I decided to get out there.  I was glad I did.  I did the above workout exactly as stated and racked up 5.5 miles in 40:02.8 (7:16 pace).

Friday 1/2
Plan says: OPTIONAL 3-4 easy miles

What I do:  BAIL.  My sore throat ramped up earlier this week so I went to the doctor to get it checked out.  She swabbed me for the flu. I decided to get extra rest to be as good as possible for my long run.  0 miles. Flu swab was negative (as I anticipated...I was sick, but not THAT sick!).

Saturday 1/3
Plan says: 12 miles, with a strong 10 minute finish

What I do:    We woke up to a blanket of snow! I headed out for 12 miles and of course, it started snowing.  The temps were in the 30s so I was dealing with wet snowfall paired with slushy, clumpy snow.  I mixed it up between trails that were difficult to go through due to heavy snow and roads that were a bit slippery in spots due to the falling snow/slush.  Due to the conditions, I did not pay attention to my pace. It is obvious when looking at my per mile paces below where I was running on snowy trail (slow) and streets (faster).  In the end, I was pleased with the result...and I was TIRED.  My shoes are still soaked through 24 hours later!

Mile 1: 7:40
Mile 2: 7:28
Mile 3: 7:25
Mile 4: 7:31
Mile 5: 7:09
Mile 6: 7:02
Mile 7: 7:07
Mile 8: 7:23
Mile 9: 7:45
Mile 10: 7:11
Mile 11: 7:17
Mile 12: 7:09

Total:  12.04 miles, 1:23:23 (7:21 pace)

Sunday 1/4
Plan says: Rest

What I do: Rest

Week 1 Total Mileage:  27.53 miles
Completed the 4 mandatory workouts. Yay!

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