Monday, May 23, 2016

Off week + Updated Race Schedule

Last week was an off week for me - meaning, all my plan said was to do 4 30-minute runs.  GREAT timing because my husband was out of town for most of last week which meant having to be a weekend warrior of sorts to get four runs in.

My runs last week also put my May 2016 mileage over May 2015 mileage!

All in all, I enjoyed just running last week.  I listened to this ROO podcast over the course of two of my runs, which was nice.  Julia and Lauren have such soothing voices!

I did have trouble relaxing and running slow for my runs though.  I pushed the pace too much which was fine but I know the value of running easy over the long term and sure enough last night's run my hip/butt was sore.

This week kick's off my summer 5K training which is a lot of track work.  I have also figured out my summer race schedule!  I will be racing the 5K on the following dates:

June 5
July 20
August 4

My fall will be a transition to longer distances.  I have an 8K on September 16 and am eyeing a local half-marathon on 11/6.


  1. Glad you were able to get some recovery/rest last week! I think that's really important.