Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Ten Years of the 5K

I don't have an extensively long history of running the 5K.  However, Elizabeth's comment on my last post had me wondering if I truly was "in the best shape of my life".  My 5K time from Saturday is 6:05 pace, which is faster than the pace I ran cross country in high school.  Back in my day, a cross country race was 2.5 miles though!

Thanks to the handy website Athlinks, I was able to find TEN YEARS of 5Ks that I have done.  There are not that many.  Fourteen to be exact, and two of those I was pregnant. 

Because I am a nerd, I plotted these on a graph, which took me far too much time because Excel kept interpreting my times as AM/PM.  One =TIME (h,m,s) formula later, I had a graph!

The red points are 5Ks that I ran while pregnant.  (I had a goal to run a 5K with each of my pregnancies.)

So based on my 5K time alone, I am in better shape than I was post-graduate school, which is the one of the two time periods of my life when I was focused on running (the first time I qualified for Boston).  The other being NOW!

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  1. Wonderful chart and isn't Athlinks the best!?! Seriously, your 5K time is extremely impressive. You're ripe to go set PRs at other distances, provided that the weather cooperates! Can't wait to see what is next for you.