Monday, May 9, 2016

Whole30 Update: Day 9

I am starting my ninth day on Whole30.  So far it is going well.  


My biggest challenge has been figuring out how much to eat during a meal.  Initially I was just eating more vegetables at my meals and not incorporating enough protein.  This meant that I was STARVING by dinner time.   Breakfast has consistently been 3 eggs with roasted potatoes of some sort (red, sweet, or a mix of both) and sometimes a piece of fruit.  I have kept my coffee intake at 16 oz (which is down from the 24 oz I was drinking).

Parties.  Dining out.  Those were my biggest challenges during week 1.  I had a work party, a Mother's Day taco feast (most of which was fine because I did the cooking), and Mother's Day brunch out.  I made my mom a cheesecake, her favorite, for Mother's Day and REALLY REALLY wanted to eat a piece.  I did not.  However, I may make a cheesecake for myself during the reintroduction to diary week. :)


Honestly, it hasn't been too difficult to switch to this diet.   I mean - yes there are definitely times that I would like to eat something that is out, but for the most part, it is fine.  There are little things here and there that I am surprised with in regards to ingredient lists - sugar really is in everything, even if in small amounts.  (Hello bacon, I'm looking at you.)

If you read the whole30 timeline, the first two weeks can be filled with a variety of withdrawal-like symptoms (e.g., headaches, feeling sluggish).  I have not experienced any of this.  I was anticipating that my workouts this month might be a little off from doing this but so far, so good.  Perhaps I am wrong, but I am chalking this up to the fact that my diet pre-whole30 wasn't too terrible.


This has definitely solidified that my worst eating comes during the evening hours, after my kids go to bed.  The 90 minutes from 8-9:30pm have come with the cravings.  My body is definitely used to having a snack with my husband at this time.  Typically we have popcorn, which is off limits this month (sad face).  This is also the time when I will go to the cupboard and have a handful of chocolate chips, maybe a girl scout cookie or 2, oh and look at that box of cereal.   I have been trying not to eat at all during this time.  I have been mildly successful at this.  If I do have a snack, I am not eating fruit; the idea being that fruit is an "approved" sugar source.  I have been having a handful of nuts if I really can't take it.


Two of my staples for workouts, Nuun and Picky Bars, are not Whole30 approved.  Typically I would eat a Picky Bar before a morning workout, or after an evening workout.  My husband stopped at a natural foods store and got me some Rx Bars, some of which are Whole30 approved.  I have only tried one so far and it was good.  Very dense.  Several types of Larabars are also Whole30 approved, however, I was looking for something that had a bit more protein.

I have not eaten anything prior to my morning workouts this month.  This has gone fine, and I had two tough track workouts that I did first thing in the morning last week.  I have swapped Nuun for plain water.  I added some lemon juice to one of my waters to simulate the taste of Nuun lemonade. 

I also used to have a scoop of plant protein powder in a smoothie for breakfast prior to Whole30.  


I haven't felt bloated since starting this.  I really haven't felt like I was a bloat machine beforehand, but I definitely can tell a difference between how my stomach "normally" felt and how it feels now.  Also, my skin has already improved.  I no longer have the painful, inflamed, cystic bumps along my jaw and neck that I had for like 6 months prior to this.  (Side note: I quit taking the medications that I have been taking since January from my dermatologist on day 1 of Whole30.) 


No beer.  No cheesecake. :)  

Really, the biggest drawback for me so far has been not being able to turn to my "go-to" foods in a pinch.  Last Friday we were already running low on food in our house (not uncommon as we do our grocery shopping on Saturday) and typically we would either have a pizza or go out to eat.  I stopped at Whole Foods to get a Whole30 approved rotisserie chicken (because I was NOT AWARE of what is all in a regular on) and was a little shocked when the cashier rang me up at $14.99.  (Seriously rotisserie chickens are $5 at Costco).   Our grocery bill for the most part has gone up a little bit, likely because I am consuming more meat than I was eating prior to Whole30, nothing drastic though.

I'm getting sick of eating eggs and potatoes for breakfast.

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  1. Nice job sticking with this. A few people in my office did this two years ago and their biggest complaint was just the extra planning and lack of convenience. Cool to hear that you are noticing some benefits!