Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Boot Countdown: 21 More Days

21 more days of wearing "the boot".  I have tried very hard to have the boot on during all of my waking hours but admit that I don't wear it right away in the morning if I am just hanging out at home.  It feels good to have some ankle motility!  Thankfully during these boot-free sessions, I can already tell that my foot is healing.   It is not nearly as painful as it was a week ago to walk.

So far, I haven't been too dismayed about this setback.  We have had an insanely busy calendar these past few weeks and it was kind of nice not to have to think about how I was going to fit my workouts into that mix.  Truthfully, it has been a relief not to worry about running and pace and setting alarms and getting the kids to bed so that I can run. I can't run so that is one less thing to think about in a day.  I hadn't realized how much anxiety I have about getting workouts in until this past week and a half.  All signs point to trying to do morning workouts when I get back to running as then I won't have to think about my workout all day long.  I'm not very nice when I am anxious.

On the flip side, it is Olympic trials season.   Track trials start this week and, just like the marathon trials, I know I will be itching to don my running shoes and get out there after watching.  I was addicted to refreshing my Twitter feed on Saturday following the Western States 100.  (Devon Yanko's recap brought me to tears.)  My Instagram feed, which is comprised of 80% running related accounts is a little sad to look at at times.  I went to a ladies running event last Friday evening at a local running store.  I didn't really have the desire to try on any new running clothes while wearing the boot, although I was grateful for the swag.  (ALWAYS grateful for the swag!)  I had ordered some running clothes before injury and of course they arrived post-boot. (I've slowly been replacing my O-L-D running gear.) It is hard opening packages of new running clothes when you can't take them out for a spin!

The Oiselle Volee ladies received a letter from Kara Goucher today.  She is also dealing with an injury and I liked this line:  "That's the beauty of running, there is always another race to get ready for."

While I am surprised at how much I am enjoying this downtime, I will be excited to get back to it.

21 more days.

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  1. It's awesome to hear that you aren't letting the injury get you down too much! What a great quote from Kara. Thanks for the update!!