Thursday, June 23, 2016

No running for me for the next month

I kinda sorta have a stress fracture.

Went to podiatrist today.  Took X-rays.  Looked at x-rays and thought - the 2nd metatarsal looks a little fishy.

Did clinical exam where he tortured both of my feet.

1.  Likely early stress injury in the 2nd metatarsal.  Thinks that I may be vitamin D and calcium deficient given I don't really meet any of the other risk profiles of having a metatarsal stress fracture.

2.  I have high arches - have been told this by more than one health professional.  Both of my lisfranc joints were sore upon torture, although left hurt more.  Thinks I have arthritis.  Recommends getting custom orthotics as the super feet that I have been using since last foot injury are not providing enough support to the arch area of my feet.

3.  Likely the top of my shoe is rubbing on the nerve atop my foot.  Next appt bringing shoes in and will likely lace to avoid putting excess pressure on that area.

He asked if I had any events coming up.  My priority has always been the Nov 6 half marathon so that is what I told him.  I did not tell him that I signed up for a 5K in mid-July with a $500 prize to the winner nor the 5K at the end of July.  While I want to do those events, I'm not distraught over having to miss them.

Given this, he recommended being conservative and putting my left foot in a boot for 3-4 weeks and taking time to heal properly now and not make things with regard to (1) worse.  I agreed with him and thus, I'm in a boot.

Of course he is out of town in 3 weeks, so my appt is not until July 19.

Maybe now I'll dedicate more time to my core?!

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  1. I like the idea of doing more core work. Injuries are a great opportunity to make time for stuff we normally don't have time for. You'll be back out there before you know it!