Wednesday, June 1, 2016

May Mileage and Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!

Happy Global Running Day!  I started my morning with a nice 4.25 mile run, just before it started sprinkling.  #goodtiming

Last night, I had my final run for the month of May and I passed the 100 mile mark!  

Total May miles = 101.85

Since I am obsessed with comparing this year to last, I have to note that this is an 80.2% increase from my May 2015 mileage.  

Total 2016 miles to date = 668.23, a 36.3% increase from Jan-May 2015.  May (post-marathon) is when I started to fall off the consistency wagon last year so I'm hoping to keep up the mileage throughout the summer.  My running plan from High Miles Running is generally between 25-30 miles/week which I think is a good amount.

Now, let's discuss SHOES.

I have been rotating three pairs of shoes for the past two months and one has past its expiration date, and another is quickly approaching which means that it is time for new shoes!  What do you all like to run in?

My favorite shoes are the first pair of Adidas Energy Boost that I did the bulk of my Boston Marathon training in.  I bought another pair about a month before the race, also Adidas Energy Boost, but I do not like these as much.  I took my first pair into the same store and said "I WANT THESE EXACT SAME SHOES" when I bought them, so they must be an updated model.   WHY DO RUNNING SHOE COMPANIES CHANGE THINGS?!?!   The second pair are bothersome on my right foot.  However, since they were almost $200 (gulp), I'm continuing to run in them.  If I move the tongue just so and tie it JUST right (it usually takes me 2-3 attempts), they do not bother me.  

My third pair in the rotation are Mizuno Wave Riders.  I hate these shoes.  Always have.  They are too stiff for me.  I usually use them for low mileage easy runs because I bought them on Zulily - aka non-returnable.  I look forward to the day that they hit that 400 mile mark and I can say SAYONARA!

I generally am always put in a neutral running shoe.  I've gone to several different specialty running stores over the years, in different cities and states, and the gait analysis is always the same: NEUTRAL. The wear pattern on my shoes seems NON-neutral though - the outer heel is more worn down than the inner heel.  I am considering doing a formal running gait analysis through one of the local sports medicine clinics.  A coworker had it done and loved it.  They point out weaknesses and then give you PT-like exercises to work on developing strength in those areas.  Sounds great, right?!

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  1. I think a gait analysis is a great idea! It will really help you identify areas to strengthen. And kudos on the May mileage and the increase over last year.